Arum and Haymon Settle; Big Chiefs To Co-Promote More?



Arum and Haymon Settle; Big Chiefs To Co-Promote More?

A suit lodged by all time great promoter Bob Arum against disruptor in chief Al Haymon is no more.

The parties have settled it, according to the LA Times' Lance Pugmire.

This accord seemed beyond improbable last year, when Arum was in scorched earth mode accusing Haymon of monopolistic practices. A judge nixed a first strike in the suit, stating that more meat needed to be added to the suit's innards for it to rise to a level of viability moving forward. The suit was being tweaked and parties were supposedly to be deposed and questioned about their dealings with Haymon, and documents were to be produced by persons working for and with Haymon, and the big boss himself. No info on the breadth of those sessions, who would be under the hot lights, has leaked and really, there is no obvious development to point to why this brouhaha chapter is over.

One would understand if Arum and Haymon had a mega deal that could be easier consummated without pending litigation, like, say, Mayweather v Pacquiao 2. But with Pacman taking a Senate seat, one would surmise that's off the table for at least a year. So why the suit settling? Arum wouldn't offer a reason and Haymon never does press. Mystery for now…but I'd assume a shoe will drop which will have us better comprehending the move.

A suit propelled by Oscar De La Hoya, citing some of the same complaints, is as far as I know, still making its way through the system.

Maybe the upside is this…”As a legal basis, there is no impediment,” Arum said to ESPN. “As a practical basis, it's certainly a big possibility, but then again it will depend on the ability of the two of us to work together to bring that about. It would make sense for both us.

“I'm optimistic that everybody is going to work together and make big fights. I think there's a realization on everybody's part that in order to get big fights you're gonna have to work together.”

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