AEW All In Prediction: London Will See MJF Retain his Title



AEW All In Prediction: London Will See MJF Retain his Title

Despite being one of the most entertaining and unpredictable organizations in the wrestling world, we're still here to give an AEW All In prediction piece. For our AEW All In London prediction, we've looked at all of the competitors' histories and a lot of the pundit's assumptions leading into this event.

There are so many great bouts for this card, definitely one of the better wrestling cards put together in recent memory. With MJF vs Adam Cole as the headliners and then talent like CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Sting, Chris Jericho, and, of course, Orange Cassidy — this is some can't-miss action.

So, as we head into Sunday's event, let's see how clairvoyant I am and get to my AEW London prediction.

AEW All In Prediction: MJF vs Adam Cole

MJF and Adam Cole are friends, but they both want the same thing, and that's the AEW World Championship. MJF has been a mainstay for the AEW for quite some time; his brash nature and skills in the ring have made him one an athlete that you'll either love or hate, but no matter what, you'll watch.

Adam Cole and him have been working together this week, but not without an almost palpable tension in whatever room they're in. How does this one go down, though? I'm going to have to side with the oddsmakers on this one and I think that MJF, as a favorite, will get the job done. This one will certainly be entertaining, and maybe even a bit emotional given their ties together.

But, yeah, MJF is just too good and his name has too much value on it. Cole is incredible and him as a champion would be a great move for the AEW, but my heart is telling me MJF and I'm not going to argue against it.

AEW All In prediction – Main event: MJF retains his AEW World Championship.

AEW All In London Prediction: CM Punk vs Samoa JoeAEW All In prediction

Samoa Joe and CM Punk are both well-tenured in the wrestling world. Samoa Joe won the hearts of many, including myself, back when he was doing his high-flying heavyweight stuff in TNA. Better than ever, he's in the AEW and he's pitted against one of the biggest names in all of wrestling, CM Punk.

For this match, it's looking like a CM Punk win. He's as marketable as they get, and if he could hit his Go To Sleep finishing move on Joe, then that'll live in the highlight reel forever, as well as get everyone in the Wembley Stadium on their feet. Punk just has too many directions to go with a win here.

Samoa Joe is very capable of scoring the upset, and honestly, a lot of fans wouldn't be too let down if he did shock the crowd and the oddsmakers, let alone CM Punk. Either way, everyone should be a winner with a match like this; both are fascinating and iconic wrestlers that deserve praise for what they've done and continue to do.

AEW All In London prediction: CM Punk gets the job done

AEW All In Prediction: The Rest of the Card

There are plenty more matches to get into and a lot more action to speculate on. Here you'll find my list of predictions for the AEW All In event. Some underdog wins, but I largely agree with the oddsmakers and who they have favorited for these matches. But, like I said earlier, AEW is unpredictable; keeping people guessing is what they do.

  • MJF defeats Adam Cole
  • CM Punk defeats Samoa Joe
  • Saraya defeats Shida, Storm and Baker
  • The Young Bucks upset FTR
  • The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn defeat House of Black
  • Darby and Sting defeat Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage
  • Bullet Club Gold and Konosuke Takeshita upset the Golden Elite
  • Will Ospreay defeats Chris Jericho
  • Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo and Best Friends defeat Blackpool Combat Club Mike Santana and Ortiz
  • MJF and Adam Cole defeat Aussie Open

Any AEW All In London prediction here could be incredibly right or embarrassingly off — that's on the unpredictable nature of the AEW and not a knock on my prediction skills whatsoever. However, I'm fairly confident as a whole with my picks for this event. Right or wrong, this si a stacked event and we're all winners for being able to watch.

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