Vargas vs Ball Purse: No Doubt, Both Will Earn Their Biggest Checks



The 2023 Riyadh Season is about to end with one of the biggest boxing events we will see this year. Ray Vargas will attempt his first defense of the WBC featherweight title against Nick Ball. Here is what we know about the Vargas vs Ball purse.

Boxing Fighter Pay: What Will Vargas vs Ball Be Paid In Saudi Arabia?

This fight promises to be an absolute gem of boxing as we have two fighters whose styles foreshadow an intense battle until the final bell or until someone goes to sleep. Before we talk about the money factor, let us give a small introduction to both fighters.

Ray Vargas Preview & Purse Prediction

Ray Vargas, a veteran of the boxing world who rose from poverty to being a multi-division champion enters this contest with a record of 36 wins (22 of them by knockout) and one loss. At 33 years old, he has not only proven his skill in the ring but also earned the respect of the entire boxing community with his extraordinary technique and power.

His experience in fighting top opponents throughout his entire career will be key on Friday. In the past, he also held the WBC Super Bantamweight title between 2017 and 2020 and last fought for the WBC Super Featherweight title in February 2023 which was his first career defeat too.

As for the Vargas vs Ball purse, we predict that Vargas will earn a big bag in Riyadh. We see no other option for a card headlined by Joshua and Ngannou. In his most recent outing in February 2023, Rey Vargas was paid $500,000 as a guaranteed purse. Back then, he was the challenger. As the champion, we expect him to earn way more, probably between $750,000 and a million.

Nick Ball Preview & Purse Prediction

Nick Ball is one of the brightest young boxers from Great Britain and has already won the hearts of boxing fans with his unyielding spirit and invincibility. With a record of 19-0 (11 wins by knockout), he enters the ring not just as a boxer, but as a true warrior, ready for any challenge.

At just 27 years old, he already demonstrates not only excellent technique and striking power but also strategic thinking, which has repeatedly helped him beat strong and more experienced opponents.

As for his cut from the Vargas vs Ball purse, we expect him to have his biggest payday but far from the sum promised to the champion. As a newer name in the scene, there is little information about Ball's past earnings. However, following our prediction for Vargas, we believe that Ball will earn at least $300,000 as a guaranteed purse. It all depends on how much the champ will earn as we expect this to be a traditional 70/30 cut with 10% being set aside as a win bonus.

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