Le’Veon Bell Beats JMX on Misfits Card



Le’Veon Bell Beats JMX on Misfits Card

Crossover boxing unfolded in New Orleans on Friday night, with a JMX v Le’Veon Bell cruiserweight main event topping the Misfits MF & DAZN: X Series show. After four three minute rounds against a rangey and stubborn foe, Bell had his hand raised, UD.

Bouts streamed on DAZN, from Xavier University.

Bell after said JMX deserves respect, and he hit him with everything. The loser said after he had a great camp. Bell was the best man, that’s that, he said.

The gamer JMX, from England, was 194.8.

Bell, formerly a high level NFLer, was 193.5. The Los Angeles resident started slow. JMX  pumped the jab continuously, but his form deteriorated as the round progressed. Bell had a surge at the end of the round. In the second, Bell started landing long rights. JMX looked tired and he went down, though it wasn’t called a knockdown. In the third, the action got sloppier. A cut on the left eye of JMX got an extra doctor exam with 25 seconds to go. To round four—JMX did well to see the end. 

Nate Diaz’ friend Chris Avila, from CA, met New Yorker Paul Bamba in a light heavyweight fight on the Misfits card. The ref called time in the first because they were chippy. Avila looked to be the more skilled and seasoned of the two, in round two. Nate Diaz, counting down to his Aug 5 faceoff with Jake Paul, sat front row to encourage Avila. He was later tossed, for throwing a bottle, apparently.
Chris Avila won on the Misfits card April 21

Bamba had a point taken for shoving after the bell. Would he get himself disqualified? Nah, he fought on in the third into the fourth. Avila wanted a KO but Bamba hung tough, to hear the final bell.

Avila won a UD4 on the Misfits card. 

Walid Sharks faced off with Maryland’s Ayye Pap. Sharks, an Iraqi Tic Tokker, had pep galore as he took the first. The lefty Pap was down twice in the second, and that was all she wrote for the comedian. The KO end came at 1:34.

Sharks barked at Deen, ringside, asking for a rematch against the guy who stopped him.

Sharks, barking

In a Misfits lightweight scrap, Uncle Pizza, from Georgia and Cali, battled YuddygangTV, from Arizona and Detroit.

UP had a friend giving out free slices as he came to the ring.

Yuddy has more than 6 million followers on IG, and a quick right hand. Also a bum mouthpiece… His kept coming out of his mouth, and the ref took a point from him. He scored a split decision win, however.

In the second bout, we saw Texan Minikon versus Jake the Viking, out of North Carolina, in a heavyweight battle. Jake went down in the second, he got up and blasted back. This was a back and forth affair. The judges deemed it a draw.

Kimbo Slice Jr took on OJ “The Businessman” Rose in the Misfits show opener.  He looks like dad, but is a super middleweight, while dad was most def a heavyweight.

Good scrap to start the show

In the second round, Rose flurried and the ref interceded. Slice was pissed, the ref told him that he wasn’t answering. The fight callers thought the stop was a tad quick. The TKO came at 2:00. Rose is now 2-0 as a pro boxer.

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