Canelo vs Ryder Best Live Coverage (Rd By Rd) & Recap



Canelo vs Ryder Best Live Coverage (Rd By Rd) & Recap

Canelo vs Ryder, the wait is over.

168 pound bossman Alvarez (age 32; 58-2-2, 39 KOs) is the favorite in what has been crafted as a royal homecoming for the ace red-head.

Brit Ryder (age 34; 32-5, 18 KOs, has been stopped once) is seen as a tough but limited pugilist.

Here is a round by round account of the Saturday, May 6, 2023 super middleweight titles defense by Alvarez in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Canelo’s home turf.

Canelo and Ryder stats

Round 1: The joint is hoppin, loud in that facility. Diamanté says it’s sold out…It sounds real loud in there. They touch gloves, it's on…The Canelo left hook looked sharp. He dug to the body, and his accuracy was solid. Ryder stood center ring, looked to move forward. But he was cautious, he pushed Canelo to the ropes  midway through but barely threw.

Score: Canelo 10-9

Round 2: Canelo pumps the jab this round. Left hooks the body his best punches, though. Ryder still cautious. Looking to not get caught more than to land. Alvarez so far looks sharp and smooth.

Score: Canelo 10-9

Round 3: Right hand draws blood from face of Ryder in first 30 seconds. Alvarez edges close, presses, Ryder looks like he doesn't have enough pop to keep the Mexican off. A right hook from Ryder looked good late. But Ryder too cautious, he gets backed up and chewed up. Blood needs to be stopped between rounds.

Score: C 10-9

Canelo Alvarez went the distance with a tough John Ryder to retain his undisputed Super Middleweight Championships titles at Estadio Akron in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom. fight results alvarez wins

Canelo Alvarez hand speed looked solid then fall off some. (Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom; all photos including atop this piece by Pizano)

Round 4: Ryder getting more comfy. His volume upped. He’s a short armed over muscled thrower, his power doesn’t look bothersome. Blood smeared all over Ryder. C banging rights last 30 seconds. Tightest round.

Score: C 10-9

Round 5: Coagulant worked on Ryders’ nose. The jab from Canelo is sharp. He can place punches where he wants, he doesn’t feel pressured.

Down goes Ryder, off a one two. He looked hard at his corner. He got up, 1:10 to go, then Canelo  looks to close. Ryder fighting harder, knows he’s in danger zone. Nose bleed bad for Ryder.

Score: C 10-8

Round 6: Ryder backs up straight. C really comfy. Right hurts Ryder. Canelo right is crisp. Ryder still not getting reckless, he knows how accurate Canelo is. The Brit hangs in, but not winning a round. He made round tight with sneaky connects.

Score: Canelo 10-9

Round 7: Ryder won first third of the round. Pace slowed, maybe Canelo would gas out? Canelo comes on at 1:35, the 🩸 poured anew. Ryder threw combos, his hands not as slow as maybe you’d think. He was all red-pink btw.

Score: Canelo 10-9

No one can doubt John Ryder's courage ever again. Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom. Fight results alvarez

No one can doubt John Ryder's courage ever again. Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom.

Round 8: Both men stood during break. C winked and nodded to someone in the stands, saying he got this. C busier to start the round. He then eased off, he was marshaling energy. Ryder landed some sneaky combos. Most action was center of ring.

The crowd wasn’t the factor I thought it would be.

Pretty right round, Ryder tripped and hit the deck.

Score: 10-10

Round 9: Both landed, Ryder had to like how this progressed. He bas energy, took it to Canelo some, wasn’t backing up or backing down. A right rocked him at 45 seconds. They traded at close.

Score: Canelo barely, 10-9

Round 10: Canelo landed, then clinched. Same Ryder, standing center ring, staying composed. He wasn’t backed into ropes, where Canelo likes to pin you and snipe you. Ryder has better defense than you’d assume, his focus is strong, he stays alert, moves his head and levels a good bit. Tight round.

Score: Ryder 10-9

Round 11: C kept same pace, not trying to over press, to give the people their pound of flesh. His volume wasn’t heavy. Ryder didn’t press that as maybe you’d hope if you are a Gorilla fan.

In last third, Canelo stepped it up, to sway the round.

Score: Canelo 10-9

Round 12: Ryder didn’t go crazy but he stayed true to form: tough. First 1/3 was even, middle third saw Canelo busier. Last 1/3, nope, C couldn’t give that pound of flesh. Fans hooted actually.

Score: C 10-9

NYF Card: Canelo 10-1-1, extra point for knockdown. But a much tighter fight than my card indicates!

Eddie Hearn before stadium fills in wothfans looking to see Canelo coronation

Eddie Hearn did a good job putting the together. But maybe the choice of Ryder as foe wasn't wisest choice, fans wanted stoppage. May 6, 2023; Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Mandatory Credit: Melina Pizano/Matchroom.



Alvarez downed John Ryder at Estadio Akron on Saturday night, a homecoming triumph enjoyed by near 50,000 paying customers.

The red-head, who likes to be regarded as the Pugilistic King of Mexico (and beyond), didn’t give the masses their pound of flesh, a KO. Canelo dropped Ryder in round five, but the stubborn and strong Brit stayed aloft.

The scores: 120-107, 118-109 times two.


Ryder looked like a too-heavy underdog to most/near all respondents to our prediction page. He did better than most assumed he would.

C wasn’t enthralling, he looked solid, but the fans were ho hum at points. There was one maybe two surges in decibel levels from the masses, who didn't act like they were seeing a legend they adored.


The response to fireworks at the arena, after the decision, was muted. This coronation didn’t come off as hoped.

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