Anderson vs Mehry Purse: Who’s Getting the Bigger Bag?



American heavyweight prospect Jared Anderson will fight ex-WBA World cruiserweight champion Ryad Merhy on a day when most eyes will be focused on UFC 300. Nevertheless, let's not ignore this incredible fight and discuss the Anderson vs Mehry purse.

Boxing Fighter Pay: What Will Anderson vs Mehry Be Paid In Texas?

Unfortunately for both fighters, they will not attract the same attention that they normally would with such a huge fight.

In case you missed the notice, we will give you a brief introduction into the two athletes and then discuss their wages. As heavyweights, they are supposed to earn good money, right?

Let's start with Jared Anderson. It is fair to say that he is an incredible talent.

Absolutely exceptional and if you haven't watched him before, you definitely should take a look at his previous fights.

He is ruthless, always attacking, and quite technical for a heavyweight. He is yet to be tested at the highest level but we guarantee that he will one day hold a world championship or several, even if its after all the greats retire.

Anderson's personality is just as cool too. He is yet to make an impact on the big stage but he looks like he knows how to sell fights.

He enters this contest with a perfect record of 16-0, winning 15 fights by way of knockout. He finished 10 of his fights in the 1st and 2nd rounds. The common belief is that he will get a knockout again but you can read all about that in our special predictions.

With this said, how much will he earn from the Anderson vs Mehry purse? Going back a few years, it was reported that he got paid around $100,000 as a guaranteed salary for a couple of his fights (Rovcanin, Forrest).

His earnings doubled for the next match against George Arias and it was reported that he made $200,000.

There is no information from his most recent bout but we heard that he made between $200-250k when he fought Charles Martin in July 2023.

With all this in mind, we believe that his purse will be higher this time and he will pocket at least $300,000 against Mehry. Possibly much more than that but unlikely.

Here's a funny quote. Anderson recently said that he wants to make at least $50-75 million in the future and he will retire. Well, he has to beat Mehry first and the paycheck won't be in the millions.

Speaking about his opponent, Ryad Mehry has been here for a while. He is 31 years old, which makes him 7 years older than his talented opponent.

He also has 34 professional fights behind him – he won 32 times (26 knockouts). He is definitely experienced and just one step below the elite heavyweights.

Mehry's greatest achievement was winning the vacant WBA interim cruiserweight title in 2019. He was later promoted to regular champion after a series of events but soon decided to start fighting at heavyweight. There is no doubt that he is a tough man to face and has enough power to knock out any opponent.

Going back to the Anderson vs Mehry purse, it is much more difficult to predict Ryad's purse.

Despite being a former champion, the information about him is quite limited and there have been no trustworthy reportings of his past earnings.

Based on the fact that the whole world expects him to lose, we doubt that he got the best deal here. But if believe that Anderson will earn at least $300k, then $200,000 sound logical.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.