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The Bare Knuckle Defeat of Malignaggi Should End the MMA vs Boxing Debate For Good



The Bare Knuckle Defeat of Malignaggi Should End the MMA vs Boxing Debate For Good

The bare knuckle defeat of Paulie Malignaggi is good reason enough that we should end the MMA vs Boxing debate for good


When Paulie Malignaggi stepped into the BKFC ring on June 22, Saturday night, to take on Artem Lobov (the former UFC fighter), he carried a lot of boxing experience with him. However, one more thing he carried, which apparently resulted in his downfall, was his arrogance. Malignaggi seemingly came across as thinking that his skills and experience would be good enough to knock out the UFC fighter, despite the fact that he wasn’t competing in boxing actually.

A great multitude of UFC bettors had their money on Lobov simply because of the way he was constantly disrespected by Malignaggi. This was a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) which is amongst the many 2. Malignaggi’s dislike for Lobov was so apparent throughout that it became embarrassing at one point. 

Everyone is aware how Malignaggi had a fallout with Conor McGregor when the latter had knocked him down during a sparring session couple of years ago. The fact that Lobov had been pally with McGregor and was seeking his help also didn’t go down well with the boxing champion.

The press conference incident where he smashed a microphone over Lobov’s head and earlier when he had spit on Lobov during a heated face off were both disgraceful incidents to say the least. Quite obviously, promoters weren’t complaining as all these histrionics helped build up the tension even more and got many more people interested in the fight. Simply put, if Malignaggi had done it intentionally, his mission was more than accomplished.

How it went in the ring

However, the mission that really mattered unfolded in the ring on Saturday night and Malignaggi was found wanting. He had earlier predicted that it would be a cakewalk for him, but eventually Lobov won the fight with 48-47 times three.