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New Yorker Chris Galeano Returns May 1st In Tampa



New Yorker Chris Galeano Returns May 1st In Tampa

New Yorker Chris Galeano is excited to continue his comeback to professional boxing, as rising middleweight gets set to feature on the May 1Pro Box Promotions card in Tampa, Florida.

Galeano, a former New York State middleweight champion as a professional, however, returned from a self-imposed four-year hiatus in June of 2020. Galeano opened up on why he spent four years away from boxing and the reasons behind his ring return.

Galeano stated, “I decided to take time away from boxing as I was studying and I had a very good job. I didn't need boxing to pay my bills and financially I was very comfortable. It was my choice at the time to step away from boxing to focus on my education and career away from the ring.

“I missed boxing though. I gained weight and as I did I began to miss boxing even more. I had shot up to 200 pounds and I wasn't happy with myself. Eventually, I moved down to Tampa, Florida and got a new job, and started training again with Marc Farrait and Asa Beard and that was the start of the turnaround for me. My father and brother were really instrumental in that turn around and I’m extremely grateful for that support.

“Being in a positive environment with good people really helped me continue to get the hunger back for boxing, and now it is very much back.

“I got back in the ring at middleweight in 2020 in Tampa and I've got to say thank you to Pro Box Promotions for always standing by me in and out of the ring. I'm really enjoying being back in boxing and training with Marc, Asa, and Ray in such a positive environment is doing wonders for me professionally and personally.”

Galeano readies himself for May 1, with potential interesting clashes on the horizon for the now Florida-based southpaw. The native of New York, New York discussed potential fights down the line.

The 12-1 middleweight said, “I'm just happy and grateful to be healthy and back in the ring right now. That's the biggest blessing I have in boxing right now along with the support of my family, friends, and the Pro Box team. I've worked very hard in this camp as I always do, and I'm ready to put on a show on May 1 in Tampa.

“I want to continue my rise up the ranks. I'm enjoying being back in the ring and I am ready for some entertaining fights in the future. I think it's realistic to maybe capture a title in 2021. I let the team make that call for me but I believe that is a realistic possibility for me to win a regional belt of some kind and start moving up the rankings that way.”

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