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Jake Paul Card Cancelled, Fighters Still Get Paid? Ask Jake



Jake Paul Card Cancelled, Fighters Still Get Paid? Ask Jake

This is supposed to be the hours before fight night. There were to be butterflies in the stomachs of people doing battle at Madison Square in Manhattan the night of August 5. Jake Paul, the child actor turned YouTube attraction turned part time boxer turned more full-time boxer and manager, was to have fought Hasim Rahman Jr in the big room. Other boxers were booked as support on this pay per view event, and hello, they did their thing, got down to the harsh business of getting ready for their clash. Ah, but you know the drill, and the disclaimer. “Fight Card Subject To Change,” indeed…

The Jake Paul promotion fell apart, and exactly how, and exactly why is open for interpretation.

The August 5 Jake Paul fight was cancelled

MVP is the name of the promotional company founded by Jake Paul

The blame is being heaped on opponent Rahman Jr, and how much he would be weighing for the clash. He's still hashing out in his mind what went down.

Jake Paul is smartly looking forward, not burning energy ruminating on what might have beens, but others involved don't have the same luxury. Because in boxing, if you don't fight, you don't get paid.

The circumstances surrounding the card cancellation seem convoluted. Rahman Jr is still pissed off.

A release went out Saturday morning, from “Most Valuable Promotions,” Jake's company, and it explains how they'll handle an element of the fallout. That is to say, the people who prepped for their fight, an expected a certain amount of income would come to them for their effort. See below:

The undercard boxers who were set to fight today as part of the Jake Paul and Amanda Serrano MVP event spent countless hours training both physically and mentally to prepare to fight on one of the biggest stages of their careers. These undercard fighters abided by the terms of their contracts and Jake and MVP are extremely disappointed that the event cancellation adversely impacted them.

Amanda Serrano, Ashton Sylve and Brandun Lee are in the process of rescheduling their bouts against their respective opponents. All other undercard fighters of the event will be receiving a payment directly from Jake Paul of 50% of their contracted purse amount and are free of any contractual obligations to the promotion.

We remain committed to ensuring fair fighter compensation and look forward to putting together our next event.

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