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How We’re Living DC (During Coronavirus): “It’s Not Easy To Be In The Boxing Business”



How We’re Living DC (During Coronavirus): “It’s Not Easy To Be In The Boxing Business”

What is coronavirus doing to our business? Well, it’s pulling it apart temporarily.

Everyone in boxing is essentially self employed no matter what side of the industry are you on. Me,  I train people, I fight, I create content, I publicize, I advise. I always said to myself coming up in the business that if I was to make a living in this game, I’d have to have multiple string to my bow. I felt that I’d achieved that, but in situations like this, things are getting hard.

If there’s no fighters fighting on shows there’s nothing to publicize. So that’s come to a standstill at the moment. Until we get confirmation shows can start being replanned, there’s nothing to publicize. With nothing to publicize there’s no content to create.

All the gyms in New York and around the world are closed until further notice. So we can’t train and we can’t train others. So there’s no way to bring in an income from there.

It’s not the easiest time to advise a fighter. You only can advise them to train in anyway you can whilst we wait for the calls on a date. Two of the boys I worked with have just had a show cancelled on them. No shows, no paydays and that trickles back to the training and management teams.

As a fighter I have no idea what’s going on in regards to fighting again but myself and Duke Micah are just essentially going to pad each other until we can get back to Andre Rozier’s House of Havoc.

It’s not easy being in the boxing world right now. Spare a thought for all those who rely on this business to put food over the table and a roof over their heads.

To anyone reading this the next time you think of insulting someone in boxing from your keyboard, you should realise how delicate making a living is in this industry. It’s not easy at all to be in the boxing business!