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All Action Irishman Larry Fryers On Latest Outing, Fighting In Front of Micky Ward, More



All Action Irishman Larry Fryers On Latest Outing, Fighting In Front of Micky Ward, More

All action Irishman Larry Fryers discusses latest outing, fighting in front of Mickey Ward and plans to entertain moving forward

Larry Fryers is someone who is known for being all action. He's stated he would rather be in entertaining fights than win titles. His latest outing was no exception, as a late replacement caught the Irishman off guard in the first round which resulted in two knockdowns.

The second round on July 12 saw Fryers steamroll through his opponent, stopping this counterpart in style, ending the contest in explosive style in front of his hero, Mickey Ward.

A native of Clones, Ireland but now living in Bronxville, New York, Fryers opened up about his display at Boston's Encore hotel. He said, “My last fight was a special night. It was full of action and drama which is what I want from boxing. That is what I fell in love with and I still love to this day. 

“To have my hero Micky Ward cheering me on ringside is a very special thing in itself. Having his support along with my training team headed up by Ryan O'Leary, my manager Vinny Scolpino, my family and my friends who come out to support me is amazing and I couldn't be more grateful.” 

Fryers was due to clash with fellow rising Irishman Ray Moylette, but due to complications, the fight didn't materialize. The super lightweight opened up on the falling through of the Moylette fight and what he wants going forward.

He said, “I was gutted the Moylette fight fell through but that's boxing and these things happen, it's boxing at the end of the day. I would like to fight Ray but the fact is I draw a crowd over here so he should want to fight me. My career will go on without that fight, that's the reality of it. No disrespect at all to Ray but I don't need him to progress my career.

“I think I'll be back in the ring around late September and going forward I just want to keep being in entertaining fights and keep putting on exciting displays for the people who follow me and if that brings titles with it so be it. I'm doing this because I love it and that is what drives me.”

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