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Adam Kownacki On Learning He’s The Headliner, Also Assesses Arreola, Is Asked About Wilder


The assumption is out there, that boxers aren’t necessarily smart. It’s not a fair stereotype.

Adam Kownacki, maybe people have a pre-conceived nation that because he fights for a living, that he isn’t a sharp tack. Oh, but he is…

The hitter recently learned that he’d be the headliner for the first time, the top billed entertainer on the marquee when on August 3rd he gloves up at Barclays Center, against vet Chris Arreola.

And so I asked him, hey, is Arreola a step up, or nah?

“From a marketing point of view, and building my brand,” said the 19-0 boxer, who shares some characteristics with the sports’ new shocker star, Andy Ruiz. (Both are and will be used as examples A in a ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ parable in the realm of pugilism aces.) “Arreola is past his prime. But you could never underestimate anyone,” the jumbo scrapper continued.

Yes, his takes to media are refreshingly forthright; really, his speaking style mirrors his fighting one…He is straight ahead, no bells, whistles, or BSing….”And Arreola will come to fight.”

He spoke more about this massive opportunity and how he feels about being that A side. “My first main event I have to make a statement. And continue proving I’m no joke. One bad fight and every one doubts you!”

I pointed out that for a good long spell I’ve respected his skills set, his assets on display, which include solid stamina for such a husky type, and his steel-insert chin.

I believe, I said, and have for a good long while…

“Not sure every one is convinced,” Kownacki offered.

He seems to have a pretty strong self of self, that is my sense, no?

I posed this to him–Can’t let yourself be taken off path, and have you doubting yourself off the critiques of douchebags on social media, though, right?

“We can’t have bad night in boxing. Unlike basketball, best of 7. For sure learned that a long time ago,” he said, again demonstrating a screwed on tight head on his shoulders, to go with that durable chin.

Kownacki won't blow the beach babes away at the Hamptons but he will foes. He has 15 stops in 19 wins.

Kownacki won’t blow the beach babes away at the Hamptons but he will foes. He has 15 stops in 19 wins.

So, did Kownacki allow himself time to smell the bouqet? Did he allow an opportunity to clap himself on the back, when PBC told him he’d headline at the Barc?

“It was like, ‘wow.’ Let’s get to work. This is another step to becoming a boxing superstar (but not my main aim in this sport). No. Winning the belt and trying to unify the titles. But it’s a nice feeling when you’re leaving a boxing arena and people are stopping you for photos!”

I stopped to ponder…what if, down the near line, we have Ruiz AND Kownacki winning crowns?

Wouldn’t that be something, wouldn’t that possibly be an impetus that will draw casuals…and husky lads into guys all over this over-fed nation?

And one final bit of business…how annoying is it to have people ask about a Deontay Wilder fight while there’s a still a fight or two to take care of business, first?

Looks like a Regular Joe. Punches much harder, though. Adam Kownacki telling fans he will headline on Brooklyn in August.

Looks like a Regular Joe. Punches much harder, though. Adam Kownacki telling fans he will headline on Brooklyn in August.

“It sucks, but also it’s a fight people want to see and that means I’m a contender,” he stated.

And then I tried to prove I’m no dummy, either.

“Right,” I told him. “Then I won’t ask any more about it!”

My three cents: I like it when the humble ones get the goodies. I’ve enjoyed Ruiz’ overnight moonshot to fame…and won’t pretend I don’t think it wouldn’t make for a good story if and when Kownacki gets to that same place. Nice guys, finishing first…In this age, I do indeed root a bit more for the good guys. Yep, bias alert! Go get ’em, good guys!


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