Cortes vs Chevalier Prediction: Showcase For The Savage



Cortes vs Chevalier Prediction: Showcase For The Savage

An extremely enthralling boxing card is taking place on Friday, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden — and while the main event is sure to be fan-friendly, we believe that this Cortes vs Chevalier prediction will make it clear why the co-main event is the most guaranteed to entertain.

Both of these 130 pound boxers aren't even 30 years of age, yet have produced impressive careers to this point. In fact, both of these fighters are currently riding massive win streaks — with one fighter's undefeated streak lasting his entire career.

Of course, one of those winning streaks have to end on Friday. But before that happens, our Andres Cortes vs Bryan Chevalier prediction is that these two boxers will be going to war.

Foster vs Nova: Cortes vs Chevalier Prediction

Andres Cortes Preview

Andres ‘Savage' Cortes — an American boxer with an undefeated 20-0 record, which includes 11 KO's — is only 26 years old, but is unquestionably one of the sport's biggest prospects.

Cortes has rattled off 20 straight victories, including two wins in 2023; the most recent of which ended in a win via retirement, because Cortes was brutalizing his opponent so badly.

Yet, it's the first round knockout that ‘The Savage' had against Genesis Servania in August 2021 that displays how dangerous of a fighter Cortes truly is.

While Cortes doesn't always produce such devastating knockouts as that one, this early finish shows what Cortes is best at: mixing up punches to the body, and capitalizing on any openings that his opponents provide.

Our Cortes vs Chevalier prediction is that we expect that Cortes will enter this fight — that is being broadcast on ESPN — looking to do a lot of body work on his opponent.

After softening Chevalier up with gut punches in the fight's early rounds, expect Cortes to create holes in Chevalier's defense. While Chevalier has shown good enough defense throughout his career to this point, nobody likes to get punched repeatedly in the stomach.

Therefore, if Cortes' early punches land, Chevalier will need to adjust his defense so that he can protect his midsection — which should provide openings to the head which Cortes will know what to do with.

Bryan Chevalier Preview

Bryan ‘Chary' Chevalier — a Puerto Rican boxer with a 20-1-1 professional record, which includes 16 KO's — has rebounded impeccably after suffering a defeat early on in his career, and rattled off 12 straight victories.

Chevalier's most recent victory came just over two months ago, when he defeated Ranfis Encarnacion via 7th round retirement.

That bout against Encarnacion makes it clear why Chevalier has won his last four fights via knockout — and provides a potential winning game plan for ‘Chary' in this fight against Cortes.

Chevalier will have a four-inch height advantage over Cortes on Friday. Because he is the much taller fighter, Chevalier should be able to combat Cortes' body attacks with constant jabs to the face.

If Chevalier can manage to remain behind the jab and keep his distance in the early going, he should be able to get ‘Savage' frustrated; which could open up some angles for Chevalier to capitalize on.

Judging by their respective knockout records, Chevalier also has the power advantage over Cortes — which is a rare trait to see from a tall, lanky fighter like Chevalier. Once Chevalier can get his rhythm and get Cortes frustrated with the jabs, he can follow those punches up with his more powerful stuff; perhaps rocking Cortes enough for him to stay on the back foot, and allow Chevalier to win rounds.

In fact, our Cortes vs Chevalier prediction is that we may even see a scenario where Chevalier can get this New York City crowd fired up for the main event by producing a highlight-reel worthy knockout.

Andres Cortes vs Bryan Chevalier: Cortes Passes a Tough Test

Our official Cortes vs Chevalier prediction is that Cortes will win the fight by decision.

While Chevalier will likely prove to be the toughest test of Cortes' career to this point, we believe that ‘Savage' will show why he's one of the most exciting prospects in the 130 pound weight class. For that reason, we think taking Cortes to win by decision — which you can grab for -200 — is a bet you should feel confident about.

Then again, Chevalier has won his last three fights by KO/TKO in the 7th round. That consistency is crazy, and makes us feel like it's worth sprinkling some cash on Chevalier to win the fight in round 7 — which is currently at +7000 — is a bet that might make your weekend.

What's for sure is that, if Chevalier wins in that round, you'll regret not taking the bet after having read this.

But we still believe that Cortes to win — -600 on the money line — will most likely be a winner.

While the UFC 298 card might be getting all the attention this weekend, this boxing bout is sure to excite, as well.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.