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Navarrete vs Berinchyk Prediction: A New Quadruple Champion



We can't help but honor this great clash with a detailed Navarrete vs Berinchyk prediction.

Emanuel Navarrete took advantage of his “Super Champion” status and was granted a shot at the vacant WBO lightweight title. He will face the undefeated Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk.

Will the Mexican become a four-division world champion?

Navarrete vs Berinchyk Prediction: Will Youth Beat Experience?

Emanuel Navarrete Preview

Emanuel Navarette is a Mexican professional boxer, born on January 17, 1995. He began boxing at an early age, which gave him hopes of becoming a professional boxer.

Navarette made his professional debut in 2012 and quickly became famous for his hard-hitting fighting style. He has an impressive professional record of 38-1-1, with 31 wins coming by knockout and a loss coming the same year he debuted.

Navarrete is a world champion in three weight categories and the current WBO super featherweight champion. However, the time has come to move to a “more serious” weight class.

Thanks to his size, non-standard style, and ability to adapt to any opponent and withstand the intense pace of the fight throughout all rounds make him a considerable favorite ahead of our Navarrete vs Berinchyk prediction.

Denys Berinchyk Preview

Denis Berinchyk is a Ukrainian professional boxer, born on January 10, 1992. Denis began boxing as a child and showed outstanding athletic ability. He won several national titles and medals in international competitions before turning to professional boxing.

In April 2014, Denis made his professional debut and since then has had a number of successful fights, earning himself a reputation as one of the most promising boxers in Europe.

He has an impressive 18-0 record, with half of his wins coming by knockout.

This is the first world championship chance for the Ukrainian boxer. He already won the WBO International and WBO European lightweight titles.

Emanuel Navarrete vs Denys Berinchyk Prediction: The next four-division champion is here

Unless you are Ukrainian and have an emotional connection to the youngster, your Navarrete vs Berinchyk prediction should be similar to ours.

Both fighters have high technical skills and physical endurance. Navarrete will likely look to dictate the pace of the fight using his reach and mobility.

It will be important for Berinchyk to control the distance and avoid exchanging blows. If Navarrete can keep the pace and pressure high, he will be able to use his best qualities to control the fight.

However, Berinchyk, known for his endurance and ability to fight over a long period of time, may be able to find weak spots in the opponent’s defense and exploit them.

The main issue for the Ukrainian is the fact that he has not faced any elite boxers before and Navarrete will be a huge challenge.

Unfortunately, we doubt that he is ready for this level of boxing. He is 7 years younger but far less experienced.

We have to side with the Mexican for our final Navarrete vs Berinchyk prediction. And speaking about big fights, did you hear how much Navarrete is going to earn from this fight?

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