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Mason vs Gurment Prediction: Will Young Mason Remain Unbeaten?



Mason vs Gurment Prediction: Will Young Mason Remain Unbeaten?

If you are looking for exclusive Mason vs Gurment predictions, you have come to the right place. Not only will we supply you with key knowledge regarding these two interesting fighters, but this is where you’ll find out more about the event itself. Abdullah Masson and Benjamin Gurment will go head-to-head this Thursday at 09:00 PM ET at Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. We anticipate a rather one-sided affair between these two, as we prefer youth over experience in our Abdullah Masson vs Benjamin Gurment prediction.

Top Rank Boxing: Mason vs Gurment Prediction

Abdullah Masson Preview

Up-and-coming Masson may only be a 19-year-old fighter, but he began his professional career back in October 2021. He signed a promotional contract with Top Rank and managed to make his debut on the 5th of November, 2021, crushing Jaylan Phillips.

It didn’t take him too long to do that, as in the second round of the event, Masson landed a couple of well-placed shots that forced the ref to end the bout sooner than expected.

The Lopez vs Ortiz brawl will surely be the highlight of the evening on the 8th of February, but our Mason vs Gurment prediction believes that young Mason will charm the crowd with his catlike reflexes and devastating blows.

Mason is headed to glory with an 11-0-0 record thus far. Should he manage to thrash Gurment, he’ll retain his perfect record and get a nice ego boost ahead of his next clash.

According to us, Mason has two ways to play this. He either must replicate the display in his professional debut and go all-out from the start, hoping to surprise his opponent with a couple of well-placed hooks, or play the long game and try to tire his opponent out. Whichever way he opts to act, we believe that young Mason has the win up for grabs due to his exceptional boxing skills that simply outmatch Gurment’s.

Benjamin Gurment Preview

Southpaw boxer Benjamin Gurment has 11 bouts in his professional career, winning eight fights and sharing the spoils in three. Despite his recent good form, we believe that the 31-year-old Forth Worth fighter doesn’t have what it takes to be the expected winner in our Mason vs Gurment prediction.

Benjamin’s professional boxing journey began on the 22nd of June, 2019 when he managed to brush aside Andy Brossett via a technical KO. He couldn’t win his following games against the likes of Jordan Jones and Darius Bagley, but he got back on the horse to experience a seven-game win streak. He was a bit rusty in his last official game on the 7th of July, 2023, which ref Laurence Cole had the pleasure of officiating. Donte Strayhorn had the required potential to draw the match against Gurment, as the latter showed weakness on multiple occasions and could consider himself lucky to avoid defeat.

What’s interesting about Benjamin Gurment’s statistics is that he has 38 rounds under his belt. Furthermore, his 62.5% KO rate doesn’t seem that intimidating for Abdullah Masson. If Benjamin wants to prove the expert wrong, perhaps his best strategy is to go on the defense. Abdullah Mason is quite energetic and eager to win. He will likely make mistakes in the later rounds, which Gurment could exploit if he pays attention.

Abdullah Mason vs Benjamin Gurment: Early Mason Win Looking Likely

Mason vs Gurment Prediction

Photo by Icon sport

Judging by the bookmakers’ odds, Abdullah Mason seems to be the key favorite to win the fight on the 8th of February.

  • Abdullah Masson to win @ -760
  • Benjamin Gurment to win @ +1000
  • Draw @ +1800

It seems that for Benjamin Gurment to win this, he’d have to produce something really extraordinary this week. His odds are sitting at a whopping @ +1000, while Abdullah Masson is expected to easily win this clash.

Mason to Win by Knockout @ +115

With a KO rate of 81.82%, Abdullah Mason seems to be the type of fighter who likes to end it all early on. Mason did that in most of his fights thus far. Most recently, iconic boxing ref Tony Weeks handed Mason a technical KO win over Jose Cardenas. The game on the 16th of November, 2023, turned out perfectly for young Mason, so we expect our Mason vs Gurment predictions to succeed. Abdullah is a very attractive and aggressive boxer. We are convinced he’d be looking for a knockout at Michelob ULTRA Arena this week.

Fight Not to Go the Distance @ +145

As we mentioned earlier, Abdullah Masson is a fighter who enjoys putting pressure on his opponents. During his 11-game-long career, Abdullah only took part in 31 rounds, knocking out nine of his opponents. With such a sturdy display of boxing from the up-and-coming fighter, we hardly think 31-year-old Gurment has what it takes to stay on his feet throughout the entire game.

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