UFC Fight Night 229 Prediction: Morono vs Buckley – Banger!



UFC Fight Night 229 Prediction: Morono vs Buckley – Banger!

Ladies and gentlemen, the UFC is back! After what felt like a whole lot longer than it's one week absence, the UFC is live from the APEX today for UFC Fight Night 229! In this article, we are offering our prediction and analysis for a welterweight battle between Alex Morono and Joaquin “Newmansa” Buckley! Read on to find our prediction below!

Alex Morono: “The Great White” Going Hunting

Alex Morono has been on a really, really good career run as of late.

Alex Morono def. Tim Means at UFC on ABC 4: Best photos

Alex Morono has been on a fantastic run as of late, with his most recent win coming over UFC veteran Tim Means. (Image Credit: MMA Junkie – USA Today)

Excluding a loss to Santiago Ponzinibbio in December of last year, Morono was on a four fight winning streak –  in one of the most dangerous divisions in the UFC, no loss. An impressive victory over Tim Means in May of this year has gotten Morono firmly back on track again, though. It's clear that Morono's well-roundedness is starting to serve him very well, especially as he pushes hard for a ranked spot at the top of the UFC's welterweight rankings.

Joaquin Buckley: “New Mansa” Struggling For Form

Joaquin Buckley has been having a bit of a difficult time of it as of late.

Like a few fighters on this card, Buckley's form has been very up-and-down lately. A three fight win streak has been cancelled out by losses to Nassourine Imavov and Chris Curtis. That being said, Buckley did pick up an impressive win over Andre Fialho in May of this year, so he will be hoping to use that win to propel himself back on the top 15 trail. Buckley's explosive power and extremely unpredictable movement will be weapons that he will be hoping to cause Morono a lot of trouble with. This fight could be hard to make a prediction for…

Alex Morono: Path to Victory – Footwork and Speed

Alex Morono's best path to victory in this fight is likely his superior technical boxing and his slick footwork.

A common thread that runs throughout most of his victories is that Morono tends to be extremely confident in keeping the fight on the feet; and for very good reason, at that. His technical boxing ability is genuinely very strong, and stacks up really well compared to the rest of the division. His fight IQ is generally very much at the forefront as well, and is very prominently on display. If Morono can dictate the rhythm and flow of this fight, then he gives himself an excellent chance at coming out on top in this fight.

Joaquin Buckley: Path to Victory – Unpredictability Is King

Joaquin Buckley cannot afford to stand and swing wildly with Alex Morono; because he most likely will lose.

Even though neither fighter has a great gas tank (Buckley's has been especially suspect in recent times), but the one advantage Buckley has, perhaps compared to nearly any welterweight) is his sheer unpredictability; it's a massive, massive X-factor that can change the balance of a fight on a moment's notice. His now-legendary knockout over Impa Kasangkay went viral for months, and his left high kick has punished several fighters.

However, Buckley HAS to manage his gas tank, or he will fade much sooner rather than later; and he will leave himself vulnerable to being picked off by Morono. Especially in his recent wins, Morono has displayed a real killer instinct for finishing off opponents when he smells blood, so I am making the prediction that Buckley will have to approach this fight very, very smartly.

Official Prediction: Morono To Keep It Rolling

My prediction is that Alex Morono will edge this fight out and go the distance.

My opinion is that Alex Morono will fight much more smartly than Joaquin Buckley, who tends to go wild and reckless whilst completely sapping his energy. As long as Morono fights his fight, then I am confident in my prediction that Buckley will gas out and tire the longer this fight lasts.

Alex Morono Wants To Put On Show For His Dad | UFC

My official prediction is that Alex Morono will continue his excellent run by outlasting Joaquin Buckley. (Image Credit: UFC)

Additionally, Morono's boxing is very surgical and accurate, which is of huge advantage to him. His jab is excellent, and his combinations are extremely clean and precise. I am predicting that Buckley will struggle with this technique, and will try to overcompensate by throwing the kitchen sink at Morono, perhaps even when he doesn't need to. As long as Alex Morono fights his fight, I am confident in my prediction that he wins via unanimous decision.

And there we have it! Our official prediction is that Alex Morono takes this fight. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you for the next prediction!

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