LaTavia Roberson Signs Two More Fighters To Management Deals



LaTavia Roberson Signs Two More Fighters To Management Deals

HOUSTON, TX–Roberson Sports Management has announced the signing of two more promising prospects in super lightweight Divante Jones and cruiserweight Garreth Payton.

(LaTavia Roberson explained on the Everlast TALKBOX podcast why she is knee-deep in the pugilism scene, after her massive success as a member of Destiny's Child.)

Divante ‘The Dominator' Jones started boxing at the age of seven after getting in to a fight after school on the school bus.

“When he got home I told my dad what happened. My dad paused for a moment and asked me if he was alright,” said Jones. It was at that time Divante told his dad he was fine, but he wanted to learn how to box. Divante didn't fight in school after that day, but instead he decided to learn how to box and use his talent in the boxing ring.

Boxing is a physical and mental sport, explains Divante. “I started following the bent in my family. My father and trainer, Albert Jones, had a very decorated amateur and professional boxing career. Additionally, my uncles and great uncles were all very successful boxing athletes. To be the best you have to become a student of the game of boxing.. that was my goal.”

Divante's amateur record was 83 wins, and 28 losses. He won three national championships, six regional championships and 10 state championships while winning the Most Outstanding Boxer twice.

He decided to turn pro after the 2012 Olympic Trials, where he lost 21-20. After getting tired of the politics in amateur boxing, he decided the next best thing was for him to turn pro. As a professional boxer his current record is 9 wins 2 losses with 7 knockouts. “My ambition in is to be the greatest and successful pound for pound boxer of all time. I have been told my style is similar to that of Roy Jones, Jr. and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. I consider it a privilege and an honor to be compared to them. My ultimate goal is to become the greatest most successful, pound for pound boxer of all time. I don't have any fear at all, because.”

In the future, Divante would like to continue inspiring youth to use their talents and abilities to make a positive impact in their community. As a mentor, he makes public appearances and speaks to youth about boxing and what it  done for him.

Garreth Payton started boxing in 2012. He has always been a huge fan of the sport of boxing, but he never took time out to really get into it himself.

Payton was incarcerated and decided to watch some boxing matches and wasn't too happy with the performance of Elayn Correctional Center's Boxing Team.

“Afterwards I said, ‘You know what, I am about to start boxing to show those guys how you represent.”'

With an amateur record of 31-3 with 27 KO Payton turned pro after release from incarceration.

Garreth was trained by Sylvester Sullivan, Vernon Jones, Jonny Evans, Charles Rodgers and Clifford Etienne.  Etienne, for the record, is presently locked up, but before that, he fought Mike Tyson.
His current trainer is Varice Copper,  who has trained Roy Jones. Jr.

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