Ex Champ Jamel Herring Fighting In NYC



Ex Champ Jamel Herring Fighting In NYC

Former junior lightweight world champion Jamel Herring ((23-4, 11KOs) has a fight date.

According to the Marine, who was a guest on the live podcast, “In the Ring With Christine,” his next fight is tentatively scheduled for November 2nd at the Edison Ballroom in New York City.

Jamel Herring

The fan fave Herring has been branching out, but has some fire to compete burning inside, so he’s gearing up for another fight

The southpaw fighter Herring was an impromptu guest on the weekly show discussing the intricacies of the fight game.

Specifically, as it relates to testing in the sport and the pitfalls associated with the issue, before he was asked about the details surrounding his next outing.

Jamel Herring Reveals Fight Date

“[My fight date is] November 2nd,” Herring revealed to the panel of hosts.

In the Ring With Christine

“It was originally October 19th, but November is close to Veteran’s Day, so of course they wanted to do that whole thing. Everything is pretty much set.”

As for an opponent, that has not been solidified as Herring admitted that he is more focused on finding someone to match up with Mikiah Kreps (6-0) on his undercard.

The opponent choice is not inconsequential, but the purpose of this promotion is to give the southpaw Herring an opportunity to shake off some rust to prepare for the bigger picture.

Herring was last seen in the ring on May 21st, 2022 in a losing effort against Jamaine Ortiz.

Herring Vs Ortiz

Jamel Herring lost to Jamaine Ortiz Saturday at Resorts World Las Vegas on May 21, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

That bigger picture is framed around a potential showdown in the U.K. with Joe Cordina.

We Could See Jamel Herring Versus Cordina

The two have exchanged words on social media, and fans have responded keenly to the possible matchup.

Jamel Herring has made it clear that’s the fight he wants and he doubled down on that notion on the aforementioned episode.

Boxing is promoted very differently compared to other sports— it has to be.

Often times promoters will take advantage of a fighter’s appeal based on their heritage or culture by staging fight cards on dates around holidays coinciding with the fighter’s background.

It is a win-win for the fighter and fans that recognize and celebrate those holidays.

For example, Miguel Cotto routinely fought on or around the Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend in New York.

And Saul “Canelo” Alvarez capitalizes on both Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence holiday weekends.

Fightposium did this awesome illustration of Herring.

Fightposium did this awesome illustration of Herring.

Before Canelo, Oscar De La Hoya — and Julio Cesar Chavez before him— reserved those same dates for some of their biggest fights, including DLH’s record breaking May 2007 contest with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

For Jamel Herring, he gets the chance to represent an American holiday, something he has done before around other American holidays such as Memorial Day.

In fact, Herring lifted the 130lb WBO title from Masayuki Ito by a clear unanimous decision during Memorial Day weekend (May 25th) in 2019.

The pairing of fighter and date makes the most sense for Herring being that he is former military.

He won a silver medal at the 2010 World Military Games and took home the gold in 2011 and 2012 Armed Forces as an active Sergeant in the Marine Corps.

Furthermore, Herring has always carried himself with integrity and has been a wonderful ambassador for the sport.

There are few fighters as suitable as Jamel Herring to represent the United States as a fighter during American holidays.