Will The Commonwealth Heavyweight Title Go To Dubois Or Tetteh?



Will The Commonwealth Heavyweight Title Go To Dubois Or Tetteh?

One of the most anticipated heavyweight boxing matches is being held on the 27th of September, just a mere few days away, and it will have two of the best heavyweight hitters pitted against one another in the ring fighting each other in a competitive battle to gain one of the most coveted titles in the world.

This has been a much anticipated match and hundreds will bet with Novibet to get in on the action. 

Being such a heralded clash, there will be loads of media attention which means the press will be all over this match. If you want to know more, it’s all over here. 

About Daniel Dubois and Ebenezer Tetteh – The Fighters 

Daniel Dubois, professional boxer, weighs in at 12-0 with 11 knockouts while Ebenezer Tetteh is 19-0 and 16 knockouts. Tetteh hails from Ghana and the strap was recently vacated by Joe Joyce. The fight will be held at the Royal Albert Hall which is situated in London, England and will take place on the 27th of September. 

While the fight is bound to be a great one, Dubois originally wanted to take on Joyce. That fight fell through and Tetteh was pitted against the 6’5 Dubois as Joyce, Olympic silver medallist, went in another direction.

Joyce is a seasoned fighter looking to move up in rankings which means his fights needs to be same or higher-level rankings. Ranking at number 11, Dubois’s career is still in its infancy as the boxer has only been pro for 2 years. 

However, despite not getting the fight he was angling for, Dubois has given his opinion to the media saying that he thought the fight was a step in the right direction for his career. He went on to say that he believed there was a lot of attention on his previous  fight, versus Nathan Gorman, which generated some attention and brought some much deserved attention on the fighter. Dubois says that he loves being the underdog and proving haters wrong. Now with the Commonwealth title up for grabs, he thinks it’s a step in the right direction. He also says he wants to see what this guy can bring to the fight, after watching Tetteh train for the upcoming event. 

While Dubois may think that this fight will move his career in the right direction, there are many who have their doubts. Tetteh is still relatively new to the industry so there are those who believe Dubois needs someone stronger or with a better reputation to really lift his profile that much more.

While there may be very little media attention focused on Tetteh, there is still enough attention focused on this fight to make it a big one. If Dubious loses to Tetteh, it could be detrimental to his career, a nasty blow being that Tetteh is a fill-in…..while if he wins, it may not do anything other than boost his KO ranking. Only time will tell how the fight will affect the boxers and until then, supporters can simply look forward to the match. 

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