UFC and MMA Betting Guide – How to Bet UFC Fights at Top Sportsbooks



UFC and MMA Betting Guide – How to Bet UFC Fights at Top Sportsbooks

UFC and MMA have become the fastest growing sports in the 21th century. This kind of combat sports attracts as much attention as any major sports event. To start a lucrative betting experience on UFC/MMA, first, the bettors need to search for top sportsbooks involving these combat sports and offering exclusive welcome bonuses when they sign it up.

Parimatch is one of popular sportsbooks that offers good stakes for the bettors to keep wagering on top UFC fights in MMA betting markets.

No doubt, many folks were happy that UFC had that three event run in Florida, because they missed wagering on the fights.

When it comes to betting on UFC fights at sportsbooks, some factors should be taken into account that may impact on the bettor’s success. UFC/MMA betting strategies and markets underlie those crucial factors.

UFC&MMA betting strategies

UFC&MMA betting is easier to penetrate, as soon as the bettor gets knowledge of how and where to bet, and what fights to stake on. Accordingly, he should do some research and thorough analysis on sports biography of the fighter he has picked to wager, the abilities of his opponent in the ring, the fighters’ styles, and be aware of basic rules of MMA fight. These parameters are really useful in choosing UFC&MMA betting markets and winning the stakes.


UFC&MMA betting markets

Famous sportsbooks provide various betting markets where the bettor face different outcomes and bet types often available on multiple night fights. Here is the list of valuable UFC&MMA betting markets to consider. 

  1. Moneylines. Here the odds are established on each of three potential outcomes for a fight: fighter A wins, fighter B wins, or draw. The bettor wagers on one of MMA fighters he thinks will be victorious in the specific fight.
  2. Over/ Under Bets. Bets are placed on the duration of the fight. The over/ under bets will provide a set number of rounds with odds on both sides. If the fight lasts longer than the over/ under number, the over bet cashes, and vice versa.
  3. Round Bets. The bettor tries to predict the certain number of rounds the MMA fight will last over or under. In this case, the fighter’s style should be taken into consideration that may surely lead to a win. 
  4. Winning Method. This unique type of bet is defined by the specific fighter’s style he is good at. If the fighter is better at forcing his opponent into submission, then the bettor should back this outcome for the fight. Thus, the winning method provides odds for submission, KO/TKO, and judges’ decision.
  5. Round and Method. Here the bets are placed on according to the bettor’s prediction of when and how the fight will end. The number of rounds and the fighter’s specification are considered.
  6. Future Fights. Due to this market the bettor can wager on the winner of future big fights confidently knowing that if the fight isn’t arranged by a certain date, then the bet is void and the money is returned to his deposit balance.
  7. Parlays. A parlay bet is placing a bet on multiple fight outcomes for higher payout. This is a riskier way of betting but it offers greater rewards.
  8. In Play Betting. Some sportsbooks may offer in pay odds on the biggest fights on UFC and MMA betting each month. This betting type works like usual sports betting but the twist is that the odds can be changed as the event unfolds. This is a very tricky way of predicting the best time to place an in-play bet as well as an exciting watch live action.