Training Camp Check-In: WBA Super Flyweight Champ Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez



Training Camp Check-In: WBA Super Flyweight Champ Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez

The Super Flyweight division hasn’t always been given the amount of attention it currently receives. There were some great fighters that battled in that division but when HBO televised a certain Nicaraguan fighter, that’s when the Flyweights really started to get some attention. That fighter is WBA Super Flyweight Champion Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez (50-2).

Chocolatito took the ball and ran with it, which fueled the support for Tom Loeffler’s “SuperFly” series.  Although all of those things were going on, the purist knew that at some point, there was going to be a rematch between him and Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada (41-3).

Chocolatito, knowing both of their worth, only wanted to do this fight if it meant that both him and his opponent were well compensated. For years, the lighter divisions made decent money, but nothing compared to the multi-million-dollar purses that the welterweight and heavyweight divisions required.

The suits at DAZN made it work and we now have the long-awaited rematch. This is the fight that the hardcore fans have been waiting on for a long time. The recent delay was due to the desire to have the clash take place in front of fans. Who can blame them, as this high-profile fight isn’t made for the “bubble” environment.

With the fight approaching underneath a month, I checked in with the man that so many fans love, who goes by “Chocolatito”.

AG: Chocolatito, thank you for taking the time out of your training camp for this interview. COVID-19 has crippled the world in such a short period. How is your family doing during these crazy times back in Nicaragua?

RG: It’s something that unfortunately has affected everyone around the world. Things in Nicaragua are similar to here in the U.S when it comes to COVID-19. Thank God my kids and my family are good and healthy.

AG: In 2018 and 2019, you had one fight in each of those years. You returned in 2020 only a few months removed from the previous fight and then finished the year with a title defense. How has fighting with less of a break affected you physically?

Estrada and Chocolatito trade fire in 2012. They will do a rematch in March.

On this November 2012 night, both “Gallo” Estrada and “Chocolatito” Gonzalez were successful, which led to this upcoming rematch.

RG: It really depends. The rest in between fights really helps but not having too much time off helps as well. For the most part, fighting more frequently has been better for me.

AG: As a father, being away from your kids has to take its toll on you. Is it a little easier to deal with now that they are older and understand your profession or is it much harder for those same reasons?

Family is very important to Chocolatito.

RG: It is always difficult to be away from my children. They are still young enough to not completely understand everything that I do as a fighter. It’s not easy being away from them for long periods of time.

*******Abe checked in with Chocolatito in camp for his last fight, against Israel Gonzalez on Oct. 23, 2020.********

AG: You fought Juan Francisco Estrada over eight years ago. Looking back, did that fight add to you evolving at that point in your career?

RG: I was a world champion at that point in my career and continued to be, so you learn from your experiences in the ring.

AG: In August of 2018 at a presser in L.A, you and “Gallo” Estrada were both there promoting your fights with Tom Loeffler. At that presser, Estrada was very passionate about the potential of a rematch and did not want to discuss anything else. What was your reaction to that and did you feel like the rematch was always going to happen?

Chocolatito really never lets a fighter get under his skin.

“Gallo” Estrada told me that day, his only focus was to get the rematch with Chocolatito.

RG: I really didn’t have a reaction other than knowing he wanted to have a rematch and avenge the loss from our first fight. This fight on the 13th is going to be a really good one.

AG: Let’s talk about the fight itself. You have both grown as fighters since you originally met in 2012. There are small things that will be the same but for the most part, it’s a whole new fight. How do you prepare for this one both mentally and physically?

Who has the edge, Chocolatito or Estrada, heading into their rematch?

Their classic first fight will be analyzed by many leading into the rematch.

RG: I am extremely motivated! I continue to work hard for the fight on the 13th of March. We are putting in the work in training camp in order to be fully prepared.

AG: You have gone back to Coachella, CA for your training camp, Chocolatito  What is it about that location that gives you the level of comfort needed to help get you in the best shape for your fights?

RG: I feel very relaxed when I come here.  It’s calm and quiet so that allows me to have a great training camp.

AG: To many boxing fans, you are a legend. You have accomplished so much and continue to put on performances that turn back the clock. At this point of your career, what are some of your remaining goals?

RG: Coming out victorious on March 13th is the main focus. If it’s God’s will, I will be victorious on that night.

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AG: What do you say to the fans that continue to follow and support your career?

RG: I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. I ask God for health and blessings to all.

AG: Chocolatito, where can fans follow you on social media?

RG: You can follow me on twitter @chocolatitobox and on Instagram @chocolatito87.

My Three Cents:

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is a very humble man who has a great group of people on his team with similar characteristics. The type of bond they have with each other is what allows a special fighter like Roman to continue to see success at this point in his career.

On March 13th, he will once again face Juan Francisco Estrada in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. With the Ring Magazine belt, which indicates who is the king of the division, on the line, this Super Flyweight unification fight will be “must see tv.”

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