Top 10 College Scholarship Programs for Young Boxers



Top 10 College Scholarship Programs for Young Boxers

Boxing is a sport that traces its origin back to the ancient Egyptians but became quite popular when the Greeks introduced it in the Olympics. Boxing continues to evolve ever since its first introduction as a competitive sport. The growing popularity continues to attract young stars who wish to join the sport. 

Similar to any other athletics scholarship, boxing scholarships are a chance for young boxers to hone their skills while getting a free college education. Boxing forms an important part of some institutions, so getting a scholarship will be the stepping stone to a successful career. 

Here are the top 10 college scholarship programs that young aspiring boxers can consider applying for.

  1. Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association

The Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association is among the top associations in the US. that offers boxing scholarships to young boxers. If you win this scholarship you stand the chance of attending boxing schools such as Pennsylvania State University and the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) among others. Besides getting fundamental boxing skills, the scholarship will pay your college tuition fees.

  1. Ira Mitzner Boxing Scholarship

Named after the great boxer, Ira Mitzner, this is one of the most prestigious boxing scholarships in the US. The scholarship will allow aspiring boxers to demonstrate their love and dedication for the sport while still pursuing their higher education. The scholarship awards $10,000 for you to pursue boxing programs of your choice.   

  1. Wisconsin LBC Scholarship

The Wisconsin LBC Scholarship is ideal for young aspiring boxers signed-up with a Wisconsin boxing committee. To get this scholarship you have to have a 2.0 GPA or above, completed your first semester in college and completed a minimum of 5 boxing shows. The scholarship awards $500 for you to continue with your college education.  

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  1. The United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA)

USIBA is the chief governing body for college boxing in the US. Formed in 2012 by boxing coaches and students, this body ensures that boxing takes place in safe and competitive environments. This body is also the first body to pioneer women’s boxing. USIBA will offer young aspiring boxers with the scholarship for their college education.  

  1. USA Boxing Scholarship

Tuition fees in the US are quite high, making it quite difficult for students and parents to finance a college education without getting aid. They offer two trade school awards of $2,000 each, 7 undergraduate awards for $3,000 each and 2-graduate level awards for $2,500 each.  

  1. American Association for the Improvement of Boxing (AAIB)

Hardworking and motivated aspiring boxers will find the AAIB scholarship ideal for them. All current or former boxers are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The AAIB scholarship covers your college tuition fees and other educational expenses such as buying books.   

  1. Heisman Scholarship

The Heisman Scholarship offers determined and passionate young boxers to achieve their dream of becoming the best athletes. It also offers them the chance to study in their dream college. The scholarship offers $5,000 for national winners, $1,000 for national finalists, and $500 for state winners. 


  1. EC Krebs Boxer Spirit Award

The EC Krebs Boxer Spirit Award meets the financial needs of needy college students. Your boxing interests, passion, and the background will determine if you'll get a scholarship award or not. The scholarships awarded range from $500 to $3,000 depending on your financial needs.  

  1. Exceptional Youth Scholarship

This scholarship empowers young boxers displaying extraordinary skills in their fields. There are 10 scholarship slots available for students who’ve completed high school boxing programs. Each student stands to receive a $5,000 scholarship.  

10. Irish Athletic Third-Level Boxing Association

The scholarship programs awarded by this association aim to help you further your education as you hone your boxing skills. This association awards scholarships depending on the boxing club and community you belong to.  


These college scholarship programs will allow you to pursue higher education while still doing what you love most. You can join an institution of your choice particularly those that support boxing. The awards offered by these programs include payment of full tuition fees and other educational expenses you may incur when in college.

They offer a great platform for young boxers with exceptional talent but in need of financial assistance to further their education. It’s easier to search for college scholarships of your choice these days. If you meet the academic and eligibility requirements, go ahead and apply for one of these college scholarship programs today.