Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison Predictions



Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison Predictions

This is supposed to be the coming out party for Tim Tszyu, the son of a quite prominent and talented hitter whose heyday was the late 90s-early 2000s. Kostya’s kid has grown into if not a blue chip off the old block, then at the least a legit player at 154 pounds. A win for Tszyu in the Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison clash sets Tim up for a profile push, and more meaningful scraps down the near line. If Tszyu takes out Harrison in showy form on the Showtime Boxing platform that sets the table nicely for a Tszyu vs Little Charlo tango.

But, you all know this—making plans too far in advance in the realm of pro pugilism is a recipe for time and energy misspent.

I checked in with NYFIGHTS fam and friends to get their take on who wins Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison, and how.

ABE GONZALEZ: This matchup is alot closer than what people may think. If we get the motivated version of Tony Harrison, it may be a long night for the Australian. Tim Tszyu is still pretty green but if he is the real deal, then he should put Tony Harrison away before the final bell.

The problem is that I'm not completely sold on Tszyu and think Harrison will give him fits with his boxing ability. I'm going to go against the majority here and pick Harrison by decision.

Abe G aka The Sarge likes Tsyzu to have his hand raised in Australia

MATTHEW AGUILAR: If Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison were a year ago, Harrison may well have won this. I really flirted with a huge upset here. But it’s just not possible, with one guy a young 27 and the other a well worn 32. And not in Australia. But don’t be surprised if Kostya’s son visits the canvas before winning by late knockout.


Man, I’d like to see the former champ get back on track. Tony is a sniper, a pressure fighter who has often let his opponent make the first step. When he does, Tszyu will have more in the tank to TKO him. Late rounds stoppage for Tim.

STEPHEN BREADMAN EDWARDS: Tony Harrison by split decision.

GAYLE FALKENTHAL: Full disclosure, I’d love to see Harrison get a victory. But it’s foolhardy to ignore the advantages of being the younger man fighting on home turf. Harrison will give a good account of himself and go the distance in a decision loss to Tszyu.

DOUG FISCHER: Tszyu by late stoppage (he might be trailing on the scorecards).

VLADIMIR LIK: This is the Tim Tszyu show and while we may expect Tony Harrison to be the superior boxer, Tszyu has never fought a slick master boxer so we won’t know until they are both in the ring together to see how the 28-year-old Tszyu deals with it.

What we do know is Harrison might be longer in the tooth than his age signifies as he’s been in tough fights and best days may be behind him.

Tszyu took this fight to be active and to put on another show for his home crowd. I believe Tszyu will be the better man tonight and while Harrison will use his jab and Tszyu will land power shots in the end I expect a tough fight for both men and Tszyu’s hand raised in victory and I expect Harrison to be okay with the decision Twitter be darned.

ERIC KELLY: Tszyu in a competitive fight. There may be a stoppage, but that will be in the later rounds. Tszyu is the son of a legend, and normally the son is not as good as the dad. Not to say that Tszyu is any where near trash, but the jury is out, and rightfully so. This is Tszyu's first test, Harrison is a very good boxer and former champion who has been battle tested. Harrison is more skilled and experienced, I just feel that Tszyu is more fresh, and his confidence is high, that's going to be hard to beat.

LUCAS KETELLE: Tim Tszyu wins, this is just too much for Harrison to overcome, and Tszyu is a lot better than people think. (Click this lengthier look at Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison from Ketelle.)

Ketelle likes the son of Kostya to come out on top in the Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison clash

PAUL MALIGNAGGI: I think Harrison will show us if Tszyu is for real or not. I think getting Harrison at this point in his life is advantageous to Tszyu. Once a fighter has too many other things going on in his life it’s tough to give it his all like before. Harrison still has the talent but I think Tszyu is gonna be willing to go to places that he's not willing to go to at this point in his life. Tszyu on points.

COLIN MORRISON: I think this is Tszyu's time. Fair play to Harrison for taking on the challenge in Australia, but I like the younger, fresher Tszyu to overwhelm him late and win by stoppage in the final third of the fight.

RYAN O’ HARA: In Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison, Tszyu wins. Younger, fresher fighter. Harrison is an odd combo of good skills and bad judgment. He tends to lose focus in big moments and goofs around and gets caught with unnecessary shots.

MATT POMARA: Unbeaten Tim Tszyu will put his unblemished record on the line when he takes on battle tested veteran Tony Harrison. Harrison is Tszyu’s toughest test to date and the Aussie seems ready for the challenge. Harrison will try and control the distance with a stiff jab and dictate the area of the fight. Look for Tszyu to use a high-pressure attack, with his come forward style to wear down the Detroit veteran. Harrison has been stopped in all three of his losses, expect the same thing here. Tszyu by late round stoppage.

TOMMY RAINONE: I think Tszyu takes it for the simple reason that he is the hungrier fighter, the younger fighter and has had a full camp. Harrison did not get this fight until maybe 4 weeks back which will show in the later rounds.

JACOB RODRIGUEZ: Tony Harrison is going to outbox Tim Tszyu in the early rounds. However, the Aussie will walk Harrison down with a balanced attack to the torso and the  head of the Detroit native. Tim is a good body puncher and that will slow Harrison down in the middle rounds. Once Tszyu has neutralized Harrison’s movement, he will land consistently. Look for Tim to KO Harrison around the 9th and 10th round

Is it meaningful that Tony Harrison has handled himself well in more “big stage” bouts than Tszyu has?

ISHE SMITH: In Tim Tszyu-Tony Harrison, I’m going with Tony, he’s turned into a great trainer and he’s had more relevant fights than Tim. Experience matters, this kid hasn’t fought anyone.

SULEM URBINA: I believe technically Harrison is a better fighter. I am pulling for Harrison however I do believe Tszyu has the better tank. Over all it will be an entertaining fight. I pick Harrison for the win.

JULIAN J ROC WILLIAMS: Tony Harrison by very close decision on the cards.

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