Thorslund vs Cetin Prediction: Can the Champ Keep Her Belts?



Thorslund vs Cetin Prediction: Can the Champ Keep Her Belts?

One of the best female boxing fights of 2024 so far is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark — and one Thorslund vs Cetin prediction we know will come true is that one of these world-class fighters will no longer be undefeated by the time they exit the ring. 

Although the two fighters taking center stage this weekend might not be household names quite yet, it's only a matter of time before the winner of this WBC and WBO world female bantamweight title fight enters the conversation of best female pound for pound boxers on the planet right now. 

And our Dina Thorslund vs Seren Cetin prediction will make it clear which of these elite females should emerge victorious on Saturday.

Danish Fight Night: Thorslund vs Cetin Prediction

Dina Thorslund Preview

Dino Thorslund — a Danish boxer with a 20-0 professional record, which includes eight KO victories — is a world champion in two weight classes; having held the WBO female super-bantamweight title since 2018 and the WBO female bantamweight title since June 2021.

Thorslund has asserted herself as a force to be reckoned with in multiple divisions, ever since becoming a professional fighter in 2015. Yet, her most recent fight — a decision victory over Yulihan Luna in September 2023 — shows just how dominant Thorslund can be when she's at the top of her game. 

While she is an orthodox fighter, the best punch that Thorslund possesses is her lead left hook. It's a thunderous punch that Thorslund loves to both start and end her combinations with, and utilize its impressive power by landing punches to the head and body alike. 

Which turns us toward another part of Thorslund's game plan: her focus on the body. In each of her fights, Thorslund tries to tire her opponents out by throwing constant, brutal body shots in the early rounds — which gives her the opportunity to land head shots later on in the fight. 

Our Thorslund vs Cetin prediction is that Thorslund probably won't be afraid of Cetin's power, and will be content to walk her down and try to pin her into a corner early and often. 

In other words, Cetin will need to earn her respect against the undefeated Danish champion if she'll want to take her WBC and WBO world female bantamweight belts — which will secure a big time fight for either winner.

Seren Cetin Preview

Seren “Baby” Cetin — a Turkish fighter with an undefeated 11-0 record, which includes seven KO victories — is an up and coming boxer that's one big win away from ascending into superstardom. 

For her weight class, Cetin is an incredibly powerful puncher — which is proven by seven of her 11 victories coming by way of KO. And while her most recent victory against Mary Romero in April 2023 was a decision win, “Baby” still displayed her power punching ability in spades. 

When it comes to fighting style, Cetin is actually quite similar to her opponent this weekend. Both are orthodox fighters who prefer to bite own on their gum shields and exchange blows with their foes in the pocket, until one of them crumbles. 

Given that Cetin most likely has the power advantage against Thorslund, we would imagine that she is going to employ this same game plan on Saturday. 

And since Thorslund is almost certainly going to be the quicker, more athletic boxer in the ring, our Thorslund vs Cetin prediction is that we expect Cetin will have to be walking down Thorslund and pin her against the ropes in order to get her strongest shots off. 

This is going to be a tough task for Cetin. Yet, if she can manage to do so successfully, Cetin might become the most talked about boxer by the time this weekend's various events come to an end. 

Dina Thorslund vs Seren Cetin: The Champion Defends Her Belts

Our official Thorslund vs Cetin prediction is that Thorslund will win the fight by decision. 

While either of these two fighters could knock their opponent out, we believe that the wisest game plan for Thorslund — who is currently a -575 favorite — would be remaining as elusive as can be against Cetin, using her athleticism to her advantage and point fighting her way to victory. For that reason, we believe that taking Thorslund to win by decision — which is currently available at -280 — would be a wise bet for you to make. 

Even if Cetin does manage to shock the world and upset Thorslund this weekend, we don't expect the undefeated Danish boxer — who is quickly becoming one of the best female boxers around right now — to get knocked out. For that reason, we would also suggest taking the Fight to Not Go the Distance (currently available at -650)

It's always exciting when two undefeated boxers go toe to toe in the ring. For that reason alone, we can't wait for this elite female fight to take place. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.