The Popular Options for Students Interested in College Sports



The Popular Options for Students Interested in College Sports

Participating in sports has its benefits for students. There are health benefits, such as, it keeps students fit and less likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases, as well as psychological ones.

However, a student first needs to pick a sport to a part of. 

In college, students can participate in sports in different categories.  

  • Varsity Sports

These are the talented students that have been selected by their colleges to represent them in sports. In this case, the student usually has to be super skilled and have a passion for the sport. It is the most competitive level of sports in college. College athletes often enjoy the benefits of funding by the college.

At these levels, the NCAA is the governing body. Students are classified into different divisions. Teams in Division 1 usually consist of the most skilled college students, and some will even proceed to play as professionals. 


  • Club Sports

In this realm, athletes engage in sporting activities against other school club teams. The school often sponsors these club teams. They are less vigorous and demanding compared to collegiate level sports, and a student can just be involved for the fun of it. However, club sports require students to participate in tryouts to be selected, so one needs to show some skill. 

  • Intramural Sports

It is the most casual and best option for students looking to have fun. Here students can gather a bunch of friends and join a sport and participate in casual games. It’s the cheapest and laid back option for students just playing for fun. Furthermore, there is a wider variety of sports options to choose from. 

Students can participate in different types of sports and at different levels depending on one’s skill and their purpose for playing. So, for a new student looking to join a sport in college, here are some of the standard options to choose from. 


Just like a person offering 2 if you are skilled enough and if you are willing to spend much time practicing. It has the least competition in terms of scholarships for those who are eager to go all the way. 

Ice Hockey 

This is another very fun sport to watch and to participate in. You will have to be OK with the physicality of it and be good and protecting yourself. It can be an excellent way to release stress and unwind from a tough academic week. It also involves less competition in terms of scholarship competition.


One of the physical sports that involve a lot of contact is wrestling. It is probably best for healthy students who have a lot of stamina. It is potentially a lucrative sport since some of the college level athletes proceed to use their skills as professional wrestlers or even in the MMA. It is, however, very competitive.