The Fan-less Fight Dilemma: Will We See A Return To Boxing In 2020?



The Fan-less Fight Dilemma: Will We See A Return To Boxing In 2020?

The Fan-less Fight Dilemma: Could We See A Return To Boxing In 2020?

For many, the number of Covid-19 cases has slowly begun to decrease and lockdown measures are being reduced.

Though this is a gradual process at this time, sports fans are looking at this as a promising sign for the beginning of a return to action for their favorite athletes at some point in 2020.

But with many questioning whether this will happen at all, could we see a series of live events taking place without any live audiences?

Cancellation Of Sporting Events Around The World

At this point in time, the majority of the world is experiencing some form of restriction at the hand of Coronavirus, as governments place restrictions to prevent the spread. With some taking more drastic measures than others, a majority of us are working from home and implementing social distancing measures in our lives.

As part of these changes, we have seen a majority of major festivals, sporting events and concerts cancelled well into the summer holidays. This has had a huge effect on major sporting associations such as the Premier League, as clubs have experienced a significant drop in revenue as a result. This is something that has been felt across the world with the NFL as well as the NBA and the UFC. With many cancelling their action from March on, sporting superstars are wondering when the leagues will continue once again.

The Effects Of Lockdown On International Sport

One of the leagues that people the world over at looking at for guidance is the NBA in America.

Executives all over the world are looking to the NBA, to see when they will return to action, as coronavirus continues to make impact.

Since postponing action in March, officials have been considering when it will be safe for them to continue the league. Though there was only an initial 30-day lockdown, because of uncertainty, a plan to return hasn't been cemented.

Executives are sifting through medical advice,  and the NBA and several other major sporting houses are hoping to see a return to sport in June. However, with over 1,000 people still dying per day in the USA, this is looking unlikely at this time. 

Could We See A Return To Sport?

As more and more of us continue to stay inside and flatten the curve, there are many of us wondering when we will see a return of sport. Though many are thinking that June or July is looking likely, however, the return to sport will not be as it was. With social distancing rules set to be in our lives for several or more months, we will likely see sports returning with matches being played behind closed doors. This is looking likely in the world of boxing, as bookies are still 2 many begin to wonder whether the UFC will return with televised events any time soon. Now, it looks like May 9 will promise televised MMA. 

UFC 249 will unfold May 9, 2020, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Though the atmosphere of these sporting events will change without a live audience, events can be shown on streams and pay per view to millions of people at home. Health, we hope, must be put first. This is one of the key problems that is preventing the return of sport.

Another issue that is also preventing matches being played is travel restrictions. Most big leagues feature lots of travel, as teams play at home and then away, in order to maximize the number of people who might want to watch live action. 

The Opinion Of Government Officials 

A return to “normality” is something that is echoed across the world as leading officials work to get people back at work and getting the economies of nations back on track. With Donald Trump being widely outspoken on this topic, he has been known to say he wants a return to sport as soon as possible.

This is something that is being felt by the whole world as governments work to improve their economies throughout this outbreak. This is a promising sign for sports fans therefore, as the seek distraction and entertainment while dealing with the mental strain of the plague.

However, with the number of cases continuing to fluctuate around the world, this is not a time for rushing the process,  as there is a risk of a second peak as a result.