Terence Crawford KOs Jermell Charlo on X



Terence Crawford KOs Jermell Charlo on X

This one from the Insult to Injury Department. Jermell Charlo lost every round on plenty of unofficial cards, and wide on the three that counted Saturday night at T-Mobile, when he was handled with ease by Canelo Alvarez.

Down went Mell in round 7, but he beat the count and achieved what looked like was his main objective, to survive and go the distance. That was my perception, but more importantly, Terence Crawford felt a certain way about the Jermell showing.

He was ringside in Vegas, and sent out a Twitter/X post that achieved virality:

Maybe this was a ploy to enrage Jermell Charlo, and propel him into taking a fight versus the welterweight craftsman Crawford.

He followed it up with a spanking number two:

It will be interesting to see how this storyline does, or does not play out, in the next day, two. It's clearly a different age, old timers seem bewildered when they see a Jermell Charlo talking at the postfight presser about being proud of his showing.

Maybe it's understandable from a monetary perspective.

That Wasn't Jermell Charlo Trying To Win, But To Go 12

But the man lost every round or close to it, and threw 30 punches or fewer too many times to convince anyone that he was very much trying to win Saturday.

But many fans it seems are A-OK with this, because they see the sport as more “business” than “sport.”

Here's what I wrote, touching on this subject, Sept 27:

In fact, Jermell Charlo has been publicly so effusive in praising Canelo that it’s been a consistent subject since the fight got announced. People have wondered, what happened to that outward fire?

“We finally made it to this moment…Canelo is the kind of fighter you can’t take for granted,” Jermell Charlo said during the Showtime event. “He’s done everything in this sport of boxing and he’s got nothing to prove.”

Jermell Charlo was a tame lion on Sept. 30, 2023 versus Canelo

I hoped it wouldn't be the case, but Jermell's energy in the leadup did indeed foretell a less-lion than usual outing from the Texas twin

“I have so much on my plate and in order to continue my legacy, I have to be equipped with every tool. I know that the fans are gonna win on Saturday night. You’re gonna see us back again for a rematch, because this is my moment,” he said.

Yes, I do often wonder if it’s a “tell” when one fighter talks about competing, but not winning.

Only he knows… Is there significant self doubt possibly holding Jermell back from being his best self Saturday?

No, he didn’t denigrate his chances, either. “I don’t think Canelo has faced a fighter of my caliber,” Jermell Charlo said. “He’s been in there with great fighters, but there’s something I bring to the table that’s a lot different than anyone he’s seen.”

And yes, it’s not like Jermell has given obvious hints left and right that isn’t as confident in this leap up in weight as would be ideal…

“I’m coming to win this fight, no matter what he says. We shall see Saturday. If he’s motivated to prove to me that he has skills, so be it. I’m coming to win,” he re-iterated.

Didn't look that way.

Anyway…Perhaps making that amount of money and not getting kayoed is smart business in the minds of many. Maybe, who knows, in the mind of Jermell Charlo, today and tomorrow and forever.


Jermell Charlo after losing badly to Canelo

Charlo said after he was proud of himself, mostly for not getting stopped, I guess. He set a low bar for himself if that was his objective.

But I'm kind of guessing not…those words from Terence Crawford have to sting..or if not sting, then at least serve as a potently summarized description of the negative reviews from Canelo-Jermell Charlo.

I will say, for me, I think it's incumbent for athletes, especially those engaged in promotions with a premium price tag, to give 100% in trying to win.

And by “win,” I don't mean go twelve rounds.

People taking the time and paying the precious money to watch and be entertained are not asking too much if they require a fighter at least give their best effort to win.

Crawford's commentary is ultra harsh, but on point.

Hopefully, Jermell Charlo will get his fire back, and answer with a challenge: let's go, Bud, come to 154 and I'll show you who's daddy.

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