Sonny Frederickson Aims to Steal the Show on ESPN Tomorrow Evening




Top Rank’s Summer Series has really been the gateway back to boxing during the COVID-19 situation, with many entertaining fights, and upsets becoming the norm viewing on ESPN in recent weeks. 

With the a world title changing hands already in what was an upset to many, along with names such as Josh Greer Jr losing in another somewhat shocking result, Sonny Frederickson has his chance to upset the apple cart, as he takes on highly touted Alex Saucedo this coming Tuesday night in Las Vegas. 

Frederickson opened up about his feelings going into fight night. 

He said, “I’m absolutely delighted to be getting a fight of this magnitude, live on ESPN, under the Top Rank banner and also being in the main event. I am so grateful to my management company Victory Sports and Entertainment led by Mike Leanardi, and my promoter Lou DiBella along with the team at Top Rank who have given me this massive opportunity. 

“Saucedo is a top class fighter. He’s been a champion and he’s boxed for the world title. He’s competed at a level I haven’t but this is my time to shine and I intend on taking full advantage of this opportunity to show that I can compete at the top level and that I can be a champion myself someday in the future. 

“To top the bill at the MGM Grand live on ESPN is what dreams are made of in general. That’s what we grow up wanting to do and it’s becoming a reality for me this coming Tuesday night. So I’m feeling grateful, blessed but very importantly focused on doing a job and winning in style.” 

Frederickson has often frequented the ring with fellow Toledo native, former world champion Robert Easter Jr. The all action Ohio man discussed his time spent with Easter. 

Frederickson said, “Sparring Robert Easter Jr has always been a great experience. He is in always in fantastic shape and we’ve both got some great work from each other.

“Robert is a great fighter, and I’m 100% that he will be World Champion again. I have done well in sparring with Robert, and that makes me believe that I will also become a World Champion too in the very near future.

“Training camp for this fight has gone really well and I’m so thankful to all my team who have put the effort in under hard circumstances to get the best out of me in training. Now it’s my time to shine.”

Frederickson is managed by Las Vegas based Leanardi of Victory Sports and Entertainment and Leanardi gave his take on what could transpire on Tuesday evening.

Leanardi said, “Sonny is a blue-collar kid with a blue-collar attitude and fights in a blue collar way. He appeals to a working-class audience. He is value for money and this is what fight fans and broadcasters want to see. This fight will be a great fight for ESPN and I’m very grateful to the team at Top Rank for putting him on the show along with Lou DiBella for making it happen. 

“If you haven’t seen Sonny Fredrickson fight yet you are in for a treat. This kid will fight anyone and he will take the fight to them and produce fireworks when doing so. This is a real fight that will bring out the best in Sonny and I have full confidence in him that he will pull off the win.”