Rumors Swirling About Real Deal Promotions



Rumors Swirling About Real Deal Promotions

Boxing writer Mike Marley Tweeted out news that Real Deal Promotions was in a state of limbo, with lawsuits forthcoming.

Eric Bentley has been running the shop day to day, since his father in law Sal Musumeci found an investor to bankroll operations.

He landed Evander Holyfield to be the figure-head of the company, they announced their formation in May 2017, and they looked to sign contenders and contenders to be, prospects in the earlier term stages of their careers. “Real Deal Sports & Entertainment is a DBA of Final Forum, Inc. The company is operational, the fighters are still signed to Final Forum and remaining active.”

Final Forum is the name of Musumeci's promotional entity. He had Derric Rossy under contract, and ran shows periodically and intermittently, much of the time on Long Island, before getting Evander into this mix.

The company worked hard to find their space and niche, and sought to put their shows on CBS cable, and also streamed events on their website and CBS' website.

Musumeci also messaged me, saying that the company was NOT dissolving.

One of their fighters who wished to remain nameless told me that Holyfield is out of the picture. Another one of the Real Deal hitters said his contract with Real Deal was no more.

So, it seems clear that things are a-happening. I will try and reach Holyfield, who was last seen at a Donald Trump rally a couple days ago.

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