Rising Florida Bantamweight Brian Cannady Jr Extends Winning Streak



Rising Florida Bantamweight Brian Cannady Jr Extends Winning Streak
Rising Florida Bantamweight Brian Cannady Jr extends winning streak as he aims to continue development
Rising bantamweight standout Brian Cannady has moved to 7-0 as he has racked up two wins in quick succession, boxing in both Georgia and Florida in recent weeks as he continues to train for his next outing in Tennessee in 3 weeks time.
For those who are unfamiliar, Cannady Jr was one of Florida's shining stars in the amateurs, winning multiple regional and state titles and he was considered unlucky to not win a national title despite coming close on several occasions. Now a professional, the Fort Myers native discussed his amateur background and his transition into the professional ranks.
He said, “I was a good amateur and was unlucky to not make it to the elite level in the amateurs. I won lots of regional and state titles in places where there was always stiff competition, so I did take a lot out of the amateurs from an experience standpoint.
“I always wanted to be a professional, that was my goal from when I started boxing as I feel that I'm more suited to the professional style. I'm a 5'10 bantamweight and I can punch as I've shown in my first 5 pro fights so I feel I can go all the way in the pro ranks.”
Cannady Jr has been boxing on a regular basis due to his manager Ryan Rickey, who has made sure the Florida upstart has remained active in his developmental years as a professional. The Floridan opened up about his career so far, his latest wins and his plans going forward.
Cannady said, “Firstly I'm very lucky to be boxing on such a regular basis and I'm very grateful to my team, my management team headed up by Ryan Rickey and Oddsox for getting me these opportunities.
“I'm learning at a fast pace, my last two performances were decent but I know I have far more to give and I am learning at a rapid rate. So people can expect me to improve massively for my next contests as I believe that you improve from every fight you have. I am young and improving at a quick rate and I expect that to continue going forward.”

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