Prospect Watch: Brian Ceballo



Prospect Watch: Brian Ceballo

Dedication is defined as: “The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.”

With that being said, boxing fans, please meet welterweight rising talent Brian Ceballo, whose future looks nothing but bright and his story is certainly amazing.

I introduced myself to Brian after he secured his 4th win in four fights (4-0 2Kos) on Tom Loeffler’s Hollywood Fight Nights last Wednesday night over Tavorus Teague, when a body shot wrecked Teague at the end of round two and he couldn’t continue.

After exchanging hellos, Brian's comment to me was, “I can’t wait to get back in the gym!”….and this is what dedication is.


Brian got into boxing at the young age of 8. Brian's father guided him in this direction as he thought it would be a great way for him to get involved in sports and stay out of trouble. Brian's fierce dedication and desire to achieve great things, not only in boxing but in life, is not unfamiliar to him.

Brian's parents are strong role models, who demonstrated a path of courage and support.

Brian's father left his mother behind in the Dominican Republic.  He endured a very dangerous boat trip to Puerto Rico to eventually come to the United States to provide a better life for himself and his wife.  Six months later, Brian's mom made the same dangerous boat trip, and was six months pregnant with Brian at that time. Brian was born in Puerto Rico and at six months old, the family moved to New York.  However, a decision was made to send Brian back to the Dominican Republic until he was three, to be raised by his grandmother until his parents were secure in New York.


Amateur Career

Brian had an amazing amateur career and amassed a record of 206-13 and was a 5-time NY Golden Gloves champion, a feat only achieved by him, Mark Breland and Shemuel Pagan.  He also secured 17 national Championships along the way and came up just short of making the 2012 Olympics but lost a split decision to Michael Reed. They had a last chance qualifying spot but Brian was not at his best and lost.

Due to the disappointment in not making the Olympic team, Brian took about 10 months off from boxing.  

After graduating high school Brian decided to attend audio engineering school.  However, the dedication, and “boxing fire” inside him returned and he found his way back to the gym, motivated and ready to refocus on his career.

Due to the drive and determination to make the 2016 Olympic team, Brian qualified for the 2015 Pan-American Games. He then made it to the Olympic Trials but suffered a head-butt in the Pan-AM tournament, which didn’t allow him to be at his best physically, and lost to the eventual winner, Paul Crowe.  Now, Brian’s dreams of being part of the Olympic team were derailed. However, Brian didn’t quit. He knew it was time to take his talents to the professional level and signed with Tom Loeffler and 360 Promotions in March of 2018.

Professional Career

When asking Brian why he signed with Loeffler, as he had other offers, Brian indicated, “Tom picks 3-4 guys per year he believes in and he doesn’t waste people’s time.  Neither do I. And, I have the utmost respect for Tom and it’s a perfect partnership as we BOTH believe in each other.”


Goals & What's to Come

I spoke to Brian about his goals for boxing and life after boxing and he had this to say.  “I want to be the best ever not only at 147 but 154 and 160 pounds. I want to start my own business that grows with me while I am boxing and helps change the lives of other people”.

Not only does Brian have a high ring IQ, he speaks two languages, Spanish and English, and is learning French to better communicate with his girlfriend Elise’s family. While in the ring he is a focused assassin, outside the ring he has a kind smile, charisma and an ‘it’ factor that will bode him well in the years to come.


Getting to Know Brian

Finish this sentence section:

When I am not working, boxing or training you would most likely find me doing? Playing guitar or some other sporting activity.

My absolute favorite meal is? Pasta, fresh pasta and I also have this for my pre-fight meal!

You would find this artist on my playlist for songs: Justin Bieber- I grew up on him and yes, that’s who I listen to (laughing).

The worst habit I have is? Playing computer games.

If I could meet one person in the boxing world it would be? Floyd Mayweather, I took a picture with him but I’d really like to talk with him.

My all-time favorite movie is? Boyz in the Hood

People would be most surprised to learn that I am? I am a person of my word.

The moment right before the bell rings in round one I am thinking about? I’m going to F this guy up!

If I could change one thing about myself it would be? I wouldn’t because I am who I am!

In closing, I have had the luxury of seeing all four of Brian’s fights in person.  He is improving each and every fight and I firmly believe he will be a force in the welterweight division and more very soon.

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