NYF Prospect Watch: Jordon Murphy



NYF Prospect Watch: Jordon Murphy

Undefeated lightweight Jordon “Jiggy” Murphy (2-0, 1 KOs) is back in action and in his old stomping grounds as he returns Friday, May 13th at Parx Casino®. The “Xcite Fight Night 7” by Joe Hand Promotions has the decorated amateur in a super featherweight four-rounder in action against someone to be named later.

Named opponent or not, I had the chance to catch up with Murphy to pick his brain on how things were going.

Marquis Johns: First things first, who gave you the nickname “Jiggy”?

Jordon Murphy: When I took a break from boxing, I used to make funny videos on social media, and the name just popped in my head. Everyone used to call me that, including my manager (Jereme Cohen). In fact, he went by Jig. So, like, Jiggy was an extension of my personality of how I box and everything.

MJ: Speaking of your manager, tell me how much he has helped you along the boxing way?

JM: I don't even have words to describe it. He's always had my back, whether in boxing or not. He's always been there for me, and now I have the opportunity for him to manage me on my team. It's a great experience for both of us, and it's a great opportunity and just brings our relationship a lot closer.

MJ: You've been boxing forever. What had got you into it, to begin with?

JM: My family always watched it growing up with my older brother Chris Murphy. He also used to box, and he always watched Rocky, and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

He started when I was seven years old, and I told my father that I wanted to start boxing and follow in my brother's footsteps for my eighth birthday. The first day I walked in there, I fell in love with the sport.

Photo Credit: Joe Hand Promotions

MJ: How's training camp been going?

JM: It's been going really good. I love every moment of it. I just got back into our home gym not too long ago. I was training at Boca Power, and now I'm over at Deerfield Beach, where I grew up in the boxing game and just being there feels like home. It has been an amazing experience.

MJ: Your manager, Jereme Cohen, shot me over a photo of you with a young Sebastian Fundora from the PAL days. How did that come about?

Jiggy with the “Towering Inferno” Sebastian Fundora.

JM: We've known each other since kids. Watching the progression in the boxing ranks from where we came up has been amazing.

MJ: Heading into your third pro fight, what has been the most significant adjustment from the amateur ranks?

JM: Amateurs or not, we're going into every fight as if you were fighting Mike Tyson like my dad always says. Nothing really changes as you're still fighting for your life in the ring, so you can't play around in the sport.

MJ: Peeping your website has “Champion in the Making.” How are you planning on making this a reality?

JM: I'm the next up. I'm letting them know that all the years put in and the 1000s of miles in travel are hard work. There is I'm doing no doubt in my mind that it isn't going to pay off.

If you aren't on the Jiggy train now, you may want to be. Shawn M. Cohen Allied Mortgage, Jason Hersh and Jesse Klein at Klein Hersh Management, Keith and Liz Parrish, and All County Servicing LLC are all on board as sponsors. Follow Jordan Murphy on his Instagram and his journey thru the professional ranks.

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