John Cena Wants Wrestlemania In London



John Cena Wants Wrestlemania In London
This 46 year old Massachusetts native is a pro wrestling ATG

WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year for WWE—and the entire wrestling landscape.

The event is big business and cities all over America bid for the chance to host the sixth-most valuable sports brand according to FORBES.

The event has become a 2-night show over the past few years, and it brings thousands of wrestling fans into the hosting town from all over the world.

There have been 39 editions of WresteMania and they have all taken place in North America with two held in Canada.

John Cena

John Cena is money in WWE bank, zero doubt. The sage showed he’s still got it physically on July 1

For years, fans overseas have dreamed of a Mania all their own.

The UK fanbase is one of the most avid fanbases in sports entertainment. In fact, many of the traveling Mania fans are from the UK.

It has always been assumed that Mania would go international someday, and the English crowd has always been a safe bet for the first landing spot outside the North American borders.

John Cena Return Gets Big Pop

That dream may be closer than ever as John Cena announced during his surprise return to WWE TV at Saturday’s Money in the Bank premium live event.

Cena was not announced for the event, but he had an announcement for the crowd. After receiving a huge reception, he teased Mania coming to London.

NYF will have a full recap of the event up shortly

Known for his candid promos, Cena broke the 4th wall and admitted that he wanted Wrestlemania in London but that the WWE suits were worried that the London crowd was too hostile and would take over the show.

It was an odd choice of reverse psychology. And the entire premise is off-putting as WWE essentially gave Cena clearance to admit they prefer fans to enjoy the product the way they want them to.

He specifically used the term, “hijacking.” This term has been used to describe the RAW’s after WrestleMania where the crowds are so enthusiastic that the party atmosphere seeps through the TV screen.

However, these crowds help elevate the product. WWE essentially sent a ‘warning shot’ as co-host of InFightingPod, Joseph “SuperMex” Rodriguez said on Twitter. The warning was that if London wants a Mania they better “act appropriately.”

Grayson Waller came out to finish out the segment which ended with him on the wrong side of an Attitude Adjustment.

Waller ate it

While there was no official announcement regarding a London Mania, and WrestleMania 40 will take place at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, it seems as though the WWE decision makers are finally softening on a UK Mania.

However, the crowd did burst into some R-rated chants, so maybe they blew their audition, but there are plenty of venues to choose from that would be guaranteed sellouts.