Is Manny Pacquiao vs Bud Crawford Coming Next April?



Is Manny Pacquiao vs Bud Crawford Coming Next April?

I called the trainer/manager up on Monday night.

“BMac, I’m chomping at the bit. Need to know when your kid, Terence Crawford, is fighting again.

“I’m hearing Dierry Jean, October 24, in Nebraska, and I think Jean makes him work, it’s a high volume fight, fan friendly, and I see Terence Crawford winning.

“Then, what next? I want a signature fight.

“A step up special. Your kid was BWAA Fighter of the Year for 2014, so I’m gettin’ ansty, man. What about it?”

Brian McIntryre chuckled, he’s used to hearing me babble.

“Yeah, how bout this for signature fight, Woods. Manny Pacquiao in March or April.”

Oh…yeah…that’ll do. Sounds good to me, man.

That’s the working plan, and it aligns with what Bob Arum told me the week of #MayPac. Pacman vs. Bud in 2016, and that would be Manny’s last fight, the octogenarian dealmaker stated then. Now, what with the right shoulder injury and the allure of a make-good effort, a prove ‘em wrong sequel with Mayweather too magnetic, a Pacquiao-Crawford bout wouldn’t be Manny’s exit the stage dance. But oh it would be a stiff test, wouldn’t it.

You can see Bud switching stance, trying to befuddle Manny with a lefty stance, taking away that jab-hook thing.

We will show our drawing power and out chops October 24, BMac told me, ramp up the momentum, and then show the world that Buffet ain’t the only world-renowned figure that Nebraska can boast. Watch Bud step up and show the boxing planet what he can do against Pacman, BMac said.

“That enough of a step up for ya, Woods?”

Damn right; props to Pacman if he does, as Freddie Roach told me last week, go in tough, don’t bother with a rust shedder, a shoulder-tester, in his first fight back after Mayweather made him look not like the A plus fighter he’s been.


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