I Know What You Did To Vasyl Lomachenko V Mikey Garcia



I Know What You Did To Vasyl Lomachenko V Mikey Garcia


Last summer… I thought about this in-your-face piece the great Dan Rafael (he is) from ESPN wrote eight years ago entitled “Bob Arum letting Juan Manual Lopez v Yuriokis Gamboa Marinate” and bravely decided to open the fridge on it. This was a terrible idea, for as you can imagine, its figuratively opening a casket after a decade while blowing a funky gasket of sulfur at the same time.

At the dawn of 2019, the much fan demanded Gamboa v Lopez, eight fucking years ago, is finally in the works after both had “signature” wins recently at the county fair in Miami. But why have we decided to go there? Hmmm…


Vasyl Lomachenko V Mikey Garcia is the best superfight that will most likely never be made in boxing because Errol Spence Jr V Mikey Garcia will take place on March 16, 2019.

Neither Spence nor Garcia is an Arum fighter– but you'd be naive to believe that. You don't say Al Haymon is “fiction” unless you know you can make him a non-factor to get what you want– the fans be damned. In this case, it's revenge, for whatever Juan Manuel Lopez did to get Orlando Salido'd (twice) and Mikey Garcia'd out of a superfight with a Gamboa of his own size, it seems an eerie correlation to what is about to unfold for the unbeaten Garcia soon to be stuffed like a turkey.


“Remember, we are all brothers in business in the same fraternity.”

–Don Bob Arum, pulling Top Rank after round one between Terence “Bud” Crawford and Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr


Proving he's still sharp and the greatest promoter in the history of sports, Top Rank boss Bob Arum presented a personality enhanced WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford to IBF king Errol Spence, in what will surely help produce a superfight in 2019. The pound-for-pound kings collided behind the scenes at The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City last week, after watching WBO super lightweight champion Maurice Hooker bounce Alex Saucedo via 7th round TKO. 

However, the rare video captured by Elie Sechback from EsNews, provided proof that the best fighters in the world read NY Fights, in particular, “Manny Pacquiao Donald Trump's Floyd Mayweather”, as Spence Jr referenced the article and claims of a phantom Al Haymon to a shocked Bob Arum (gotcha). We know the beef is real, and that unlike a shook WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman Jr, Bud is unafraid of Spence; plus we saw the million dollar hand shake. Consider this a Don's gift for not giving us Vasyl Lomachenko V Mikey Garcia.


“You can run– but you can't hide.”

–Joe Louis, legendary heavyweight champion and all-time great 

You didn't really believe Mikey Garcia was just going to sue Bob Arum, walk away to Al Haymon and just get away with it, did you? Never think the Don is being out-thought, or that there's not an ass-whooping out there that can't be bought for the right price. Maybe it's just me, but Errol Spence Jr Vs Mikey Garcia is Bob Arum's way of indirectly getting the proud Californian's boxing acumen to sleep with the fishes. I keep hearing this “I see something” shit from those regurgitating Mikey's recall attached to the legend of Sugar Ray Leonard V Marvin Hagler, in terms of reasoning this fight with Spence. Even the great Tim Bradley recently jumped in on the “I See Something” sweepstakes that enabled Team Garcia to set up a meeting. Ok. I see something too, and I think he set up a beating– way back near the end of 2013.

 On October 12, 2013, Garcia watched an Orlando Salido he'd already destroyed at the beginning of that year, capture his WBO featherweight belt by bludgeoning a hapless Orlando Cruz, who'd come out as the world's first openly gay fighter. Also fighting on that card and making his pro debut, was heralded Olympic star and amateur great Vasyl Lomachenko, who initially wanted to make history by challenging for a world championship in his very first fight. 

But more importantly, Loma wanted to fight Mikey right then and there — who was completely down with this, and Arum vetoed that idea altogether, angering both Lomachenko and Garcia. As smoke turned into a west coast fire in the beginning of 2014, Mikey had long made up his mind to hose and dump Bob Arum, who would go on to oversee a welterweight edition of Salido teach Loma a dirty pro lesson..

..while patiently waiting to do the same to Garcia. And on March 16, 2019, “The Truth” is, that is exactly what he will do in the form of Errol Spence Jr to Mikey Garcia. Some horror movies just don't need a sequel.

To be continued…

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