Hitchins vs Lemos Prediction: Someone’s 0 Has Got To Go



Hitchins vs Lemos Prediction: Someone’s 0 Has Got To Go

Two world class, undefeated fighters are squaring off in a massive super lightweight main event this weekend — and our Hitchins vs Lemos predictions is that this bout will live up to the hype it has been receiving. 

It's rare that we see two boxers with no losses on their professional records fighting each other. Yet, these two 140-pound fighters have been on a collision course for some time now. 

For those who can maintain an undefeated record throughout their career, superstardom awaits — which is why our Richardson Hitchins vs Gustavo Lemos prediction is that this winner will have a whole new fanbase by the time this weekend is over. 

Hitchins vs Lemos Prediction

Richardson Hitchins Preview

Richardson Hitchins — an American boxer with a 17-0 professional record, which includes seven KO victories — proved to the boxing world that he's the real deal when he defeated Jose Zepeda via unanimous decision back in September 2023.

Hitchins' insane hand speed is always the first thing one notices when watching him fight.

While he might not possess the most power in his hands, the sheer speed Hitchins has — especially when he's throwing his right cross — makes it so his opponents are taking damage before they even know what hit them. 

Combine that speed with Hitchins' adept defensive footwork makes him an extremely tough puzzle for anybody to solve, which is proven by his undefeated record. 

Our Hitchins vs Lemos prediction is that the five-inch height advantage Hitchins has will be a massive factor in this fight — and might even be the reason why he emerges victorious this weekend. 

Gustavo Lemos Preview

While Gustavo Lemos — an Argentinian fighter with a 29-0 professional record, which includes 19 KO victories — hasn't faced many fighters with household names, there's no doubt that his power will translate against any super lightweight opponent

While Lemos isn't very tall for his weight class, he is usually able to make up for that disadvantage by utilizing head movement by bobbing and weaving his way into range, which allows his own power shots to land. 

Lemos' impressive record has proven that this strategy has worked well enough for him to win every one of his professional fights — but our Richardson Hitchins vs Gustavo Lemos prediction is that Lemos might have a tough time getting Hitchins to fight at his preferred range.

Richardson Hitchins vs Gustavo Lemos: A Safe (Yet Exciting) Decision

Our official Hitchins vs Lemos prediction is that Richardson Hitchins will win the fight. 

Because Hitchins is so good with his defense, wit's hard to imagine Lemos being able to catch him cleanly enough to knock him out. Yet, because Hitchins isn't the most powerful puncher, we think Hitchins to win by decision — currently available at -145 — is your best bet. 

We also think that taking this fight to go the distance — which you can get for -185 — should net you some cash by the time this fight is over. 

Which of these fighters will still have an undefeated record by this time next week? Only time will tell!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.