Eric Kelly Assesses Shawn Porter vs. Andre Berto Fight



Eric Kelly Assesses Shawn Porter vs. Andre Berto Fight

Seeing as these guys have both been called World Champion, on paper, this may look like an evenly matched fight, and while I’m sure that this fight will be a very entertaining brawl, with both fighters having their moments, that still doesn’t stop me from believing that Shawn Porter will just be too much for Andre Berto come April 22nd at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and on Showtime.

Both fighters have had good careers, winning world titles and being involved in some pretty amazing fights, like Berto’s 2011 FOTY Year winner against Victor Ortiz and Shawn Porters' 2016 FOTY runner-up against Keith “One Time’ Thurman.

Ironically, both fighters lost those fights, but the fact that they were in them from beginning to end, speaks volumes as to who they are as athletes and what type of fight to expect next week.

Andre Berto has just four more fights than Porter, but I know that he’s taken more punishment than Porter has in his career, just look at WHO Berto has shared the ring with. Guys like Robert Guerrero, Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jesus Soto Karrass, etc.

Meanwhile, Shawn Porter’s list of opponents isn’t one to frown at neither, as he’s been in with some of boxing elites as well. Guys like Devon Alexander, Kell Brook, Adrien Broner, and Keith Thurman. What really separates these two guys is that Shawn Porter is a bit fresher than Andre Berto is at this point. Andre Berto has taken some severe beatings in a few of his fights and even a lot of his wins were pretty tough. Both fighters have extensive amateur careers and were national champions;  the thing is though, that as an amateur, Porter was much bigger than Berto and while Berto is very strong, I feel that Porter will be just a bit stronger and able to push Berto back. Both of these guys are like bulls and have similar builds, but Shawn Porter was a football player in high school so I'm sure that he’ll be able to back Berto up a bit more.

Berto’s speed and power will be in effect as neither of these guys are very defensive. I see Berto landing some clean shots to the face and body of Porter (mostly face), that may even swell Porter up, but I’ve never really seen Porter lumped up before like I have Berto. Berto’s skin is a bit more shotp-worn than Porter’s and with Porter's come forward, rugged style, he will back Berto up with shots down and upstairs that will shut Berto’s eyes and possibly cause for the referee to stop the fight and give Shawn Porter the TKO victory.

Either way you look at it, there's going to be shoot out at the Barclays Center on April 22nd. 

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