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Drama At Lemieux-Saunders Weigh In



FRIDAY LATER AFTERNOON UPDATE: A previously unseen camera angle shows BJ Saunders’ promoter, Frank Warren, looking down at the scale when David Lemieux stepped on it for the last time, and you can see Warren signing off that he made 160.



Naked drama went down at the David Lemieux weigh in for his Saturday night fight against BJ Saunders, unfolding in Montreal and on HBO.

Lemieux, in his undies, stepped on the scale and was a tad over. He dropped his drawers, got on the scale, and overseers said he made 160.

Team Saunders, including the fighter and trainer Dominic Ingle, hooted at him, maintaining that he was over. They wanted to see the scale. Lemieux, next to Golden Boys’ Bernard Hopkins and Eric Gomez, and manager Camille Estephan, walked to the scale to get on again, twice. But a commission member had him hold up, as Team Saunders hollered.

Then Lemieux stepped on the scale again, while Saunders’ promoter Frank Warren, his BP never visibly rising, stood pretty near the scale. 160, it was announced.

“160 for both, right on,” Gomez messaged me when I asked what happened over there.

Someone yelled “Get him to the sauna” and Lemieux saluted back, with a middle finger. Saunders slid closer to Lemieux, who brandished a fist at the Brit Traveller.

Saunders then went to the scale; for the hell of it, he too dropped his drawers. Cupping his jewels and yapping, he was in a state. 160, as well.

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