Curtis vs Barriault Prediction: The Action Man’s Onslaught



Curtis vs Barriault Prediction: The Action Man’s Onslaught

While this fight is flying relatively under the radar heading into UFC 297, our Curtis vs Barriault prediction is that this three-round striker's delight will be the talk of the MMA world by the end of the weekend.

Knowing both of these fighters, there will most likely be an unspoken agreement between the two that they'll stand across the octagon from each other and let their fists (and kicks) fly with reckless abandon — at a pace that few within the UFC can match.

Because both of these fighters have the power and talent to put each other's lights out, an accurate Chris Curtis vs Marc-André Barriault prediction is tough to make — yet, we feel confident that whoever emerges as the winner will cement themselves as a middleweight to reckon with.

UFC 297: Curtis vs Barriault Prediction

Chris Curtis Preview

Chris “The Action Man” Curtis — a fighter with a 30-10 professional record, which includes 15 KO and three submission victories — set the UFC ablaze in November 2021, when he stepped in on short notice to fight Phil Hawes at Madison Square Garden and knocked him out in the first round. After that upset victory, Curtis has rattled off three wins in five UFC fights — including an extremely impressive KO victory against Joaquin Buckley at UFC 282.

There's no question that Chris Curtis enters every fight looking to knock his opponent out — which is why fans at UFC 297 should be stoked that he's included on the card. This will surely be the same game plan that he brings into this weekend's fight against Marc-André Barriault — although our Curtis vs Barriault prediction is that it may not be so easy for Curtis to execute against Barriault as it has often been in the past.

Yet, considering Curtis' striking accuracy — and the style that Barriault brings into his fights — Curtis will be presented with plenty of chances to connect his fists with Barriault's chin. Whether this will result in a knockout is anyone's guess — but Curtis must be confident that he'll leave Canada with a (fan-friendly) victory under his belt.

Marc-André Barriault Preview

Marc-André “Powerbar” Barriault — a fighter with a 16-6 professional record, which includes 10 KO and one submission victories — has made a name himself throughout his 11-fight UFC tenure by the insane pace and cardio that he brings into every bout. In fact, that cardio — combined with his epic post-fight speech — won Barriault a ton of fans after his most recent victory over Eryk Anders, at UFC 289.

While it's his otherworldly pace that sets him apart for the rest of the UFC, don't sleep on Barriault's power, either. In just about every fight that he has been in, Barriault has stunned, knocked down, or knocked out his opponent.

And considering that Chris Curtis has been cracked plenty of times before, our Curtis vs Barriault prediction is that “Powerbar” should be able to land a lot of strikes Saturday — and perhaps do enough to earn him a nice performance bonus.

That being said, Barriault doesn't have the best defense. And because Curtis can crack as well, Barriault will need to be careful when he elects to employ his patented pace, so as not to walk right into one of Curtis' punches.

But the focus of Barriault's game plan should be trying to tire Curtis out, overwhelm him with sheer striking volume, and perhaps even break his spirit — and ultimately earn Barriault the 11th KO victory of his professional career.

Chris Curtis vs Marc-André Barriault: Curtis Wins a War of Attrition

Our official Curtis vs Barriault prediction is that Chris Curtis will win by decision — which is currently available at +140.

We believe this fight is primed to be Fight of the Night at UFC 297, because both of these fighters are willing to stand and bang until one of them drops. Yet, both Curtis and Barriault have proven over their UFC careers that they're extremely tough to knock out. And since we believe Curtis is the more technical, unpredictable striker who displays better defense than Barraiult, we're comfortable that Curtis — who is the favorite — will earn a decision victory.

Yet, taking into account Barriault's extraordinary ability to wear down his opponents over the course of the fight, we wouldn't be surprised if Barriault is able to steal enough rounds from Curtis and earn himself a decision victory, as well — which is available at +400.

Either way, since we don't see these two brawlers going to the ground or knocking each other out, we think that taking the fight to go the distance at -135 should be a winning bet.

While this fight isn't taking up too many headlines leading into UFC 297 this weekend, there isn't another fight on the card that is guaranteed to be a fan-friendly banger like this one is. If you like a bloody, striking battle between two all-out brawlers, be sure not to miss this bout between Curtis and Barriault.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.