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UFC 297 Tickets: Prices, Packages and Where to Buy



With less than a week until the first pay-per-view event of the year, you can still purchase your UFC 297 tickets and witness the climax of the feud between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis. Here is all the information about the event.

UFC 297 Tickets: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of This Weekend

When we compare this to the last few pay-per-view events in November and December, it is shocking to see that there are so many tickets left with just a few days until the event. You can find tickets for most and the prices are not that high yet. Well, perhaps a bit high but we have seen far worse.

To be completely honest, this card is not as attractive as the last few we saw and this could be the reason. Nevertheless, we expect local fans to get more active in the coming days and sell out the entire arena.

Currently, the prices range between $418 and $6269 for a single ticket. You can follow this link to the official marketplace and select your seats.

In case you do not like any of the available seats or you try to get a late ticket and they are sold out, you can opt for the official reseller marketplaces. People often purchase tickets early to make a profit in the last few days before the event but this also means that you will probably have to pay an inflated price.

UFC Tickets: Here's Why You Don't Want to Miss Strickland vs Du Plessis

Tensions were high at UFC 296 when both Strickland and Du Plessis were in the building. They have been exchanging comments and mentioning each other in interviews for months but it all escalated during the official conference for the 30th anniversary of the UFC. Strickland and Du Plessis were both in attendance at the table to promote their upcoming match this week.

The trash talk was fun to watch until the point when Du Plessis made a comment about Sean Strickland's dad. For your information, his father used to abuse him and his mother when he was a child and he has severe trauma from that period of his life. This was when Strickland threw his bottle at Du Plessis and only the quick intervention of security stopped them from starting a fight on stage.

Little did we know that they would get into a fight a day later at the actual event. For some reason, they were seated almost next to each other in the celebrity rows right next to the octagon. There was a single row between them and Du Plessis was placed exactly behind Strickland.

At one point, they exchanged gimmicks and Strickland decided to jump through the rows and attack him bare-handed. You can see a clip of the moment above. Even Dana White was shocked at the decision to place both men so close to each other at the event.

With this said, this bout will be a war and even if the card was a bad one, this feud definitely makes it worth watching. So, if you are as interested as we are, you can still get UFC 297 tickets from the link we shared above.

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