Canelo-Chavez: “Face-On”



Canelo-Chavez: “Face-On”

It's Wednesday, officially “Hump Day” in Las Vegas, a bit of flavoured irony in the panty dropping capital of the world.

By Saturday, you people better be ready for Thump Day, because Michael Buffer doesn't really have to remind us to get ready for a rumble.

This one has had appeal for all of the senses.

Golden Boy Promotions and Sin City hosted the final press conference today for the sexy Mexican showdown featuring Canelo Alvarez V Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Saturday night, May 6, at T-Mobile Arena. It followed a tense multi-city tour, a commercial mocking Donald Trump's wall, and a brilliant HBO promo production not to be outdone by the revealing “Face-Off: W/Max Kellerman.”

During an international media conference call on Monday, JCC Jr. did little to stop the bleeding caused by the pounding he took from Canelo during the nationally aired “Face-Off” over the weekend. It was bad.

An icy confident, gamer faced Canelo sprinkled cinnamon all over the face of Jr, making him look like the stepchild of a legend, before getting him Ashton Kutcher ‘Punk'd' with an entire purse bet that felt very real.

After debunking conspiracy theories regarding the weight of smaller fighters by deep throating an A-list resume, Canelo made Jr look like he wore a bib when he said, “You're only fighting me because you don't think I'm as good as GGG (Gennady Golovkin)!”

… Duh?

But Jr rebounded nicely on Tuesday for the “Grand Arrivals” to Vegas, looking like some sort of mob boss version of Elvis Presley and Evil Knievel. Canelo was Canelo, but Jr actually looked like his own superstar; reminding no one of his legendary father.

He also looks to be in the very best condition of his life while sounding like a man influenced by Nacho Beristain and Angel Memo Heredia in a Juan Manuel Marquez kind of way.

“I have to impose myself [on Canelo] with intelligence,” said JCCjr, when I asked about his mindset before the bell. “He asked for this fight at 164.5, he's making commercials with Rocky (Sylvester Stallone)… He'll respect me when the bell rings. Watch.”

We will.

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