7 Reasons Your Galpal Will Fall in Love with Boxing



7 Reasons Your Galpal Will Fall in Love with Boxing

If your girlfriend or missus is looking for a new sport to try, you can suggest boxing.

Even though many people believe that boxing is only for men, and females should choose something less dangerous, like dancing or practicing yoga, it is not true.

Many women are involved in this sport for one reason or another, and they are not going to leave it to pursue or more traditionally “girlish” activity.

If you meet women on, they may share with you 7 main reasons why they adore boxing.

1. Self-development

Some people mock boxers’ level of intelligence. However, how can instantly predict the trajectories of blows, without turning on your mental abilities to the fullest? This sport develops not the only reaction but also logical thinking, as asset for anyone.

2. A beautiful and fit body

Boxing is a wonderful alternative to jogging or workouts at the gym. Someone engaged in yoga, Pilates, or Zumba, and someone doing boxing…it is all about increased muscular power training, so you can keep your body fit. It is one of the main reasons why so many females start boxing. For rookies, regular workouts may seem quite grueling, but over time, your body will get used to it. One hard workout consumes about 1,000 calories, or more. If you start attending 2-3 classes per week, you will be able to eat your favorite goodies within reasonable limits. In addition, you will improve your digestion, so you may well find your clothes fitting better.

3. The ability to blow off steam

Work problems, misunderstandings with friends, or a failed exam do not allow you to keep your inner harmony and calmness. In such a state, it is easy to take it out on dear people. In addition, constant stress deteriorates your overall state of health and quality of life. Hitting a punching bag is a great way to blow off steam. You will be able to take advantage of your negative emotions and turn them into endorphins and adrenaline rush. Moreover, you can imagine your problems and take them out on a punching bag without any consequences. You will feel much better after an intense workout.

4. Self-defense

Women are born with, typically, less muscle mass, one reason some don’t feel safe when they face conflict situations. Fear of a potential attack, and their perceived inability to fight back at such a moment, does make some ladies worry. There is not much hope for a pepper spray either since it can take too long to get it out of a bag, some would argue.

However, your boxing/fighting skills can come to the rescue at any moment, besides, one should notice that in the event of danger, muscle memory works out just perfectly fine. If a so-called fragile female is trained properly, she can fight back against a strong man.

5. Increased self-esteem

Your confidence in your skills and ability to fight back will increase your self-esteem and will change your behavior not only in the streets but also in other spheres of life – at work, in a personal relationship and in the realm of self-development. It may sound weird, but it really works – as if you wake up your alter-ego that has been sleeping for all this time.

6. Challenging oneself

This reason becomes the main motivation for many women. Some want to find out their “true” self worth and how much they can do. It is a kind of realization of ambitions. And a searcher may find oneself in a professional boxing ring one day. Thus, your hobby can turn into a successful career, or at least a new interesting page of life.

7. A chance to start from scratch

In taking up boxing, no one requires special expertise coming in from beginners. Women's boxing classes are often attended by those people who don't watch boxing. It means that you shouldn’t limit yourself or come up with excuses for why you cannot try.

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