Ryan Garcia Could NOT Have Gotten Up From Gervonta Hook, Says Goossen



Ryan Garcia Could NOT Have Gotten Up From Gervonta Hook, Says Goossen

Ryan Garcia worked with trainer Joe Goossen for three fights, before parting ways after the April 22 loss to Gervonta Davis.

The fight still gets debated by fans. One element still discussed: there is no shortage of fans, and pundits and even fighters who maintain that Ryan Garcia could've beat the count in the round 7 at T-Mobile.

Goossen on the Dan Rafael podcast stayed loyal to the boxer, saying that the hook by Gervonta Davis did really, truly do heavy damage, notwithstanding the chatter.

The trainer, who got informed Sunday that Ryan would be seeking another trainer, said he knew Ryan Garcia was hurt bad in round 7. When he saw Ryan’s face, it told him that the punch was beyond nasty.

Tim Bradley doesn't agree, click here to read his take.

Tim Bradley called Ryan Garcia a quitter

Garcia is a quitter, said Tim Bradley, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Eddie Hearn, Carl Froch, Andy Ruiz and Canelo Alvarez, among others

“I knew it was a bad one by the way he reacted,” the 69 year old Californian said. “If you’ve ever been hit in the belly, just the belly alone, it’s devastating…It’s an expanding pain..that paralyzes you,” he said.

Goossen sorted Dan out when Rafael interrupted, and said he thought it wasn’t a “liver shot” that downed Garcia.

Joe Goossen Gives Lesson On The Liver

“I’ve watched the replay like a thousand times and it was one hundred percent not a liver shot,” Rafael said. “It was above the liver, right on the ribcage.”

“No, no Danny, the liver sits behind the ribcage.”

“No, I know that, but it didn’t seem it was in the spot where the liver would be impacted,” Rafael protested.

“No, no, the liver is bigger than you think,” the trainer said. “It runs from the bottom of your right rib, the lowest rib up and across, towards your sternum, so it comes up and across.”

This was an anatomy lesson.

Did Ryan Garcia quit against Tank Davis? Debate continues, weeks after the bout

Me, I think there is doubt. I, too, believe he could NOT have gotten up.

Goossen said that’s why when guys get hit to the side, “it’s the shockwave from the punch that then sends a shockwave through your body, and through your liver. Even though you’re not hit on it directly, the shockwave hits it. You understand?”

“Not only a great doctor, but a great doctor, also,” Rafael cracked. “Thank you for the explanation.”

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Tim Bradley, Eddie Hearn, Others Say Ryan Could Have Beaten the Count…

OK, big query here…could Ryan Garcia have gotten up in round 7?

Nope, Goossen said.

He recalled a comparable. The lefty Michael Nunn vs Frank Tate, in 1988. Goossen's guy Nunn hit Tate with a hook, as Davis did Garcia. It was the tail end of the eighth.

“Frank Tate could not get up, he tried at nine,” he said.

See footage below. It's funny, you hear Gil Clancy lording it over, saying that Nunn is getting too cocky, in round 8. Then, you see that lil hook to the body, didn't look like much on first glance. Tate could tell you otherwise.

Interesting ending, Tate actually does beat the count.

Clancy saw the replay, which didn't show the placement and insisted, several times, that the blow hit the solar plexus. He was guessing, out of his ass. Speculating, which is what mind readers are doing when they see footage like that Gervonta shot landing on Ryan Garcia.

The shot didn’t look too hard, but liver shots are different. “These liver shots are debilitating. No matter what your mind says, the body says, ‘No way, dude,” Goossen continued.

By the way, Nunn finished off Tate, a two division world champ, the next round. He basted the loser, and Mills Lane hopped in with the save.

Ryan Garcia Got Up Right After the Count of Ten, Though

Ryan Garcia got up at 10.5, so that’s why many people say he could have gotten up, Dan offered.

Nah, Goossen said, the perfectly placement of such a punch is pure torture. Paralysis occurs.

“I don’t think he quit, that’s not my opinion,” Dan said, explaining he was trying to answer lingering questions in the mind of some fans and pundits.

“Ryan has more determination than ten people…if he could have gotten up, he would have,” said Goossen definitively.

The body is a mystery…things can clear up in a split second, Goossen said, so sagely. Like when Tyson Fury rose from the Deontay Wilder death blow in their first fight.

“I was surprised Ryan wasn’t rolling around from that round 7 shot,” he added.

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