Rozanski vs Okolie Purse: New Weight Class, Same Money



Lawrence Okolie returns for the first time since losing his WBO cruiserweight title and will already face another champion. While the bridgerweight weight class still causes division in the boxing community, this fight will be spectacular. Here is everything we know about the Rozanski vs Okolie purse.

Rozanski vs Okolie Purse: How much do bridgerweights earn per fight?

Lukasz Rozanski is an interesting case as he is 38 years old and has only 15 professional fights on his record. Yet, he remains undefeated and seems to be at his peak.

He won 14 out of 15 fights by way of knockout and has never fought for more than four rounds. He won the WBC bridgerweight title with a knockout in the opening segment.

With such a low number of fights, Rozanski has not yet reached the salaries of the elites. There is limited data regarding his past earnings but there have been solid rumors regarding his salary against Okolie.

For example, Rozanski reportedly earned somewhere between $100,000-150,000 for his fights against Ozcan Cetinkaya and Artur Szpilka. He had his biggest payday when he faced Alen Babic for the title in 2023, earning around $190,000.

The ongoing rumors regarding the Rozanski vs Okolie purse suggest that he will make at least $275,000. But he is 100% getting the smaller cut from the total purse.

Lawrence Okolie is a formidable opponent and he is only 31 years old. As a former world champion, his name already attracts the crowds, thus the bigger cut from the purse.

Okolie first made six figures when he faced Wadi Camacho in 2019 and has been earning more and more with each subsequent fight. His highest purses measured $325k against Michal Cieslak, $400k against Chris Billam-Smith, and $450k against David Light.

The opportunity to win a second world title comes with a fat paycheck and the reported numbers amount to $375,000. Of course, these rumored figures may be entirely wrong. But based on their recent salaries and the magnitude of this fight, we feel confident in these predictions.

Here's why you don't want to miss Rozanski vs Okolie

Now that we analyzed the Rozanski vs Okolie purse, let us explain why this fight is more special than you know. There are a couple of reasons apart from the fact that we have a world champion versus a former world champion.

As already mentioned, this fight will decide who holds the “new” WBC bridgerweight world championship. This is the newest weight class and remains unrecognized by two of the four major boxing organizations.

However since the WBO adopted this weight class in 2023, it is expected that sooner or later, it will become an official division in all organizations.

This is the first new weight class since Strawweight in 1987 and this will be the first-ever title defense in its existence. This is a historical match and if that's not enough, then knowing that a knockout is imminent should convince you to tune in on Friday.

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