UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Nascimento Payouts: The Black Beast with the Big Bags



How much will the fighters earn from the Lewis vs Nascimento payouts, considering that the main event could end in the first round?

Lewis vs Nascimento Payouts: Derrick Doesn't Need to Win To Get Paid Big

With a few hours left until the start of UFC St. Louis, we have to discuss this main event.

Well, you are probably here after one of the two behemoths got a quick finish, interested to see if they were paid enough to agree to this physical trauma.

Or maybe the event ended with a shocking 5-round brawl between two 265-pound monsters.

Anyway, how much does the UFC pay for this type of main event?

While it depends on the names of the fighters, they are guaranteed to get the spoils as the highlight of the night.

“The Black Beast” celebrated his 10th anniversary in the UFC last month and he remains a fan favorite. One of the funniest dudes to have ever graced the Octagon. And he has performed at the highest level for years.

We have to go back a few years when he fought Ciryl Gane for the Heavyweight title. Lewis was paid $500,000 as a guaranteed purse. Since then, he fought Chris Daukaus and got $200,000 and also $300,000 for his fight against Tai Tuivasa.

His scrap against Sergei Pavlovich was particularly well-paid, earning him a guaranteed purse of $500,000. Against Rogerio de Lima, Lewis earned a base pay of $300,000.

He last fought Jailton Almeida in November 2023 and reportedly earned $270,000. As you can see, he continues to be among the highest-paid non-champion athletes in the promotion, despite having four defeats in the last five fights.

With this in mind, we believe that he will earn at least $300,000 from the Lewis vs Nascimento payouts in St. Louis. This will be a massive event as the UFC has not been in this city in more than five years.

As for Rodrigo Nascimento, it is safe to assume that this will be his highest payday. After all, he is still relatively new to the promotion and is only beginning to grow in popularity.

This is the main reason for the lack of information about his previous earnings. We found a small hint, however.

Nascimento fought on the same card in November, which was headlined by Lewis. There have been reports that he earned just about $100,000 for his match.

There is no doubt that Lewis will get the bigger cut here but Nascimento is likely to bring home at least $150,000 or even more from the Lewis vs Nascimento payouts.

The winner here is going to get an even tastier paycheck, so we expect a quick outcome here.

These are heavyweights. Derrick Lewis holds the record for the most knockouts in UFC history. He is 39 years old and out of gas. He has to finish early.

Nascimento is only 31 years old, has a solid win streak, and fancies choking monstrous men. He has to take control or Lewis might just take his head off with a lucky swing. And if you want the full details, browse through our predictions for this event.

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