Jarrell Miller vs Lucas Browne Results: Big Baby Miller Wins TKO6



Jarrell Miller vs Lucas Browne Results: Big Baby Miller Wins TKO6

What was dubbed the “Battle of the Bigs,” Jarrell Miller (26-0-1, 22 KOs) outslugged his way against Lucas Browne 31-4, 27 KOs, stopping him in six rounds in Dubai. With a scaled weigh-in total of 600 lbs. (Miller 333, Browne 267) and a combined weightage of 77 (Miller 34, Browne 43), this ten-round contest didn't have the makings of going the distance on paper and delivered on that promise.

Jarrell Miller fights Lucas Browne in Dubai on March 18

Lucas Browne started off well. The ex bar bouncer then saw Miller pick up his pace

2:33 of round six was the time of the stoppage, which saw Browne take a lot of one-way traffic from Miller.

This heavyweight contest pitted two former positive drug testers against another turned out to be a fun half-speed heavyweight contest.

Besides, no one expected this to be a 600 lb. track meet.

Once the bell rang and a feeling out first round, the action in the second picked up by Miller considerably as he was starting to let his hands go looking to land hooks and body shots on Browne. A huge right shook Browne late in the second round, but the Australian was able to hang on. As the third progressed, Browne was able to land shots inside, but Miller could wing more return fire than what was incoming. Late in the fourth round, Miller looked to close out the fight as he clipped Browne with a right that buzzed him in the left ear. Browne staggered, leaving him exposed to an assault that saw him getting tagged until the bell sounded.

They were still mainly headhunting, and these exchanges continued in the fifth. Browne was sporting a cut on his left eye from the endless punches this point absorbed by him. This punishment continued as the accumulation of shots that got to Browne led to the knockdown. Browne was resilient and beat the referee's ten count, but Miller came to close the show. Miller pounced with hard overhand rights, and this fight was stopped simultaneously by the ref and the black towel tossed in by Browne's corner.

Co-Main Event/Asbarov Gets Victory

The co-feature pitted top-ranked cruiserweight Brandon Glanton (17-2, 14 KOs), taking on Soslan Asbarov (4-0, 1 KO) from Dagestan.

A tactical chess match early on, as both were doing little outside of feints and footwork over the first three rounds. The action picked up, and so did the fatigue as both looked to close out the show on their feet. Scorecards of 98-92, 97-93, and 95-95 gave the nod to Asbarov by majority decision.

Glanton, as the third round closed, was sporting a busted lip. Asbarov, as the fight went on, kept Glanton pretty much one-dimensional while popping him with his right. This pace was the action for this fight, as Glanton couldn't let his hands go and get anything going until the second half.

In the seventh round, Glanton started taking a few more chances and was having more success landing counter hooks. It was easily his best round of the fight at a point in the match you sensed he was trailing. That was until the eighth, as Glanton landed a combination on the ropes of Asbarov early on and spent the whole round swarming a fading Asbarov. Asbarov, for his credit, survived the onslaught but was exasperated as the round closed. The battle became a who would survive to the final bell.

The ninth round started the same way, and halfway through,

Asbarov sported a bloody nose from the sudden onslaught of the last few rounds. Much like the scorecards for all the non-natives and B-sides, they got zero credit.

Glanton, speaking post-fight, thought he had done enough to win but acknowledged that he may have lost the first half of the fight.

Undercard Action/Carroll Beats Marriaga

Jono Carroll took on Miguel Marriaga in a fight that started slow but picked up the pace once Carroll got active as the bout progressed. Marriaga didn't have much going on that disrupted Carroll, except a clash of heads early on, which caused a cut on the left eye.

For most of the fight, Carroll led by sticking with the jab and proceeded in the box around Marriaga, who left looking to walk down Carroll and try to land off the counter. In the sixth round, Marriaga landed the best right of the fight to Carroll. It was the biggest shot in the battle, but the action pressed on. Marriaga landed the bigger shots in the later rounds more aggressively to land the one big shot.

Carroll, at this point, was having issues from the cut on his right eye as he was pawing at it and boxing more along the ropes and off his back foot. Plenty of these exchanges picked up and continued as the fight closed the eighth round in a close fight.

The final scorecards were 100-90, 99-91, and 98-92, all in favor of Carroll. The fight was closer than the card reflected, which would be the underlying theme of the night.

Emil Novruzov, in his pro debut, wasted no time dispatching Yeison Gonzalez (17-11, 12 KOs). Novruzov (1-0, 1 KOs) was looking to set up and land a big right hand on Gonzalez and did so repeatedly in the second round. Gonzalez spent several minutes being evaluated after the stoppage. It lasted longer than the fight until he could move and get out of the ring. The time of the stoppage was 1:10 of the second round.

Samat Abdyrakhmanov (2-0) had the Dubai crowd backing and used his reach to outpoint Nicolas David Veron (10-10-1, 3 KOs) over four rounds. Abdyrakhmanov and Veron looked to swing for the fences, and had either one landed, there would be more to speak about. The third round was spirited as Veron was deducted a point for hitting after the break in the third round. It was evened out when Abdyrakhmanov was deducted a point for holding by the referee. The final round had less interaction from the ref.

The final scorecards were identical in favor of Abdyrakhmanov 39-35 x 3.