BJ Flores Shot During Robbery Attempt in Colombia



BJ Flores Shot During Robbery Attempt in Colombia

Ex fighter and current Jake Paul trainer BJ Flores is today happy to be alive, after being set upon in Medellin, Colombia, by two armed thugs on motorcycles. He took a bullet to his right leg, after rebuffing their robbery attempt.

BJ Flores points out where a gun was held to his head during an attempted robbery on March 16, 2023

That’s where a gun was placed on his head. Capture off BJ Flores IG

The 44 year old Flores shared some of the horrific details on his social media. He took a bullet in his leg, while defending himself against a gun put up to his head while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle stopped at a red light. The scumbags tried to get his wallet and watch, he reported.

Flores went to an area hospital and the bullet in his leg was removed. His attitude seems as good as can be under the circumstances—he noted that it wasn’t his time to exit this plane.

BJ Flores was slated to trek to Cartagena from Medellin, but a ticket snafu kept him in Medellin. The shocking robbery attempt occurred Thursday evening.

The spot on Flores’ right thigh, where a slug entered during a Thursday late night robbery attempt

Flores in an IG video thanked people for sending kind notes to him. He pointed to a cut on his temple, that’s where a gun was held to his head. “It is what it is, I’m still alive, everything’s good,” the former fighter told IG watchers. “We were definitely targeted,” he theorized, as he doesn’t think this was a case where a rando saw his watch and decided summarily to steal it.

BJ Flores prefaced his recounting of the ticket mix-up with the intro, “Craziest story ever.” In what was a stark “hold my beer” deal, the craziest story was yet to play out.

The tutor was last seen cornering Jake Paul in the Feb 26 scrap versus Tommy Fury.

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