Figueroa vs. Lipinets Fight Results: Late Sub Lipinets Stops Figueroa



Figueroa vs. Lipinets Fight Results: Late Sub Lipinets Stops Figueroa
Photo Credit: Esther Lin

All eyes were supposed to be on Adrien Broner at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday night. Instead, the major league head case disqualified himself from a test versus Omar Figueroa, citing mental health concerns. So, Sergey Lipinets stepped in for About Bullshit, and threw hands with Omar Figueroa atop a PBC/Showtime card.

Both scrappers are 32, so we wondered which 140 pounder had more tread on the tires, being that each has campaigned for a long time. Not for too long; Omar didn’t have it, he got whacked around too copiously, and the fight got waved off after eight rounds.

In recent weeks, Figueroa has made public his battles with mental and emotional stability. Depression, ADHD, a bunch more conditions left him low. But seeing Simone Biles admit her fragility and pull out of the 2020 Olympics helped him see the light, that he had the toughness to take on this different sort of fight. This week, he’s made clear he thinks it more likely that Broner’s belly was messing with him more then his head.

That aside, Figueroa has been inactive, and last won in 2019, versus John Molina. It would be surprising maybe if he gloved up again.

Lipinets, now trained by Justin Fortune, landed a buzzing right in the first. In the second, a right by Lip looked clean. The lefty Texan bulled in, and ate shots as he tried to get off. A right then put Figueroa down, with a minute to go. That was only the second time he’s been put down.

Replay showed he was squared up, hands down, begging to be countered.

Omar kept on plugging, wading in, letting his hands go, though. After the round, Omar’s dad, Omar Sr, training him for the first time in seven years, told him to tighten up the D.

In the third, Lipinets kept his hands up, and kept moving, getting decent angles. Omar landed his own clean connects, but overall, Sergey’s throws looked sharper.

Omar told Jim Gray that he’s been doing boxing 27 years and his body has reached its limit.

In round four and five watchers saw Lip look strong and with quicker hands. “Lipinets is just picking him apart,” said analyst Raul Marquez of Showtime. Al Bernstein lauded Lip’s jab, and Marquez concurred.

In the sixth, a right touched Fig. Was Lip going to flurry to a stoppage? Then he came back and landed a decent one on Lip. Could the Texan turn this around?

Aside from that, this fight sure did provide more action than one with Broner involved.

In the seventh, Omar was still throwing, he wasn’t out of the fight in total. “This fight will end with an uppercut by Sergey Lipinets,” Al Bernstein said with a minute left in the round. Lipinets looked like he was doing fun sparring at this juncture.

Dad said he’d stop the fight if son didn’t show him plenty, before the eighth. He in fact didn’t show anything but toughness and Marquez said the towel was justified with 1:30 left. In the corner, dad and son talked, and it was decided to pull the plug.

Coming in, Omar admitted he’d see how he felt, this one could be his last call. It probably will be. He was classy to the end, he said the foe switch didn’t impact him, it was his body failing him, nothing is. He told Jim Gray that his daughter was born earlier in the day, and he would have liked to give a great show. “To anyone suffering from mental health issues, this one’s for us…We gotta keep fighting,” Omar said in closing, “we gotta keep rolling with the punches.”

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