Davis vs Madueno Purse: Are These Lightweights Underpaid?



Several boxers will receive huge paydays for their participation in the New Jersey card this weekend. But where will the Davis vs Madueno purse line up? How much money will the young talents take and do they deserve more?

Davis vs Madueno Purse: A Necessary Low-Income Fight?

While there is very limited information on the salaries of these boxers, one thing is guaranteed – their purses will be many times lower than Stevenson and Harutyunyan's. Even Foster and Conceicao's salaries will be significantly higher.

How much can Davis and Madueno expect, though? After extensive research, we've arrived at figures that seem worryingly low for such a significant clash. While the two have never fought for world titles and are still building their resumes, we expected them to get more money for this fight.

From what we found, Keyshawn Davis is expected to earn $75,000 as a guaranteed purse, while Miguel Madueno has apparently been offered $50,000. However, we should note that this information is not coming from credible sources. We cannot confirm or deny if these figures are correct but based on the average salaries in lightweight, they could be close to the truth. However, we still expected to see at least $100k for Davis at least, as he is becoming more and more famous in the boxing community.

Boxing Fighter Payouts – Davis vs Madueno

At the young age of 25, Keyshawn Davis has shown immense potential. With an impressive 11-0 record and 7 knockouts, he is the poster child for the future of boxing.

But the journey has not been without its challenges. His recent encounter with Nahir Albright was something of a test, with Davis on the brink of a shocking defeat. The tenacity he showed during that fight demonstrated his undying spirit but it also planted the seeds of doubt.

He made sure to redeem himself during his fight with former world champion Jose Pedraza in February this year. The Norfolk native knocked Pedraza out in the 6th round and even went on to challenge Teofimo Lopez. This is what makes this upcoming bout so important as there have been rumors that the winner of this bout will be considered for a title shot later this year.

Bookmakers see no possible scenario where Davis would lose this upcoming fight but Miguel Madueno is no journeyman. The Mexican is the same age as ‘The Businessman' but already has three times more experience in the ring. With 33 fights behind him and 31 wins with 28 knockouts, he expressed his belief that he can shock the world on Saturday.

Despite the low Davis vs Madueno purse, we expect this to be one of the best, if not the most entertaining fight on the entire card. We have two fighters that would rather risk it all with brutal exchanges instead of tactical fighting and this is the type of bout that will end early. And we know that both will be eager to fight as this bout has already been postponed several times for various reasons.

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