Bob Arum Talks Battle of ‘Youngsters’ Biden and Trump



Bob Arum Talks Battle of ‘Youngsters’ Biden and Trump

Bob Arum tuned in to the undercard feature putting Zhang Zhilei against Joseph Parker, support for the Anthony Joshua v Francis Ngannou main event, which Bob says didn’t interest him much.

The Bobfather checked in from the US, which isn’t a given these days, on Friday.

He’s 92, and has been traveling to exotic locales like it’s the 80s again. Segue alert—-Speaking of “80s,” we touched on that State of the Union speech by Joseph Biden on Thursday night.

Bob Arum talked about Biden v Trump

“I thought Biden (age 81) made a great speech, he looked alert, I think he’s actually done a really good job,” said Bob Arum, the Brooklyn born ATG dealmaker of Biden, a fellow senior, at 81.

Bob Arum Talks Biden v Trump

We talked about the “rematch,” Biden vs the 77 year old Trump, about how people adjust their memories in order to justify their stances, about human nature. Are that many people looking past the false electors scheme?

“Hopefully they are a minority, and more people care still about what makes the country great, which includes the peaceful transfer of power,” Bob Arum said. “Trump, he’s an entertainer. It’s sad. As far as the ages go, it’s two youngsters running, I’m 92! Biden talks sense, and makes sense! Comes to mind a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes in a Supreme Court decision, the ‘sober second thought’ wisdom of the masses when given time to properly reflect.”

How many see the action of Jan 6, coercion on the VP to blow off duties related to transfer of power, as a disqualified, we shall have to see.

Bob Arum dismisses Donald Trump as an “entertainer”

Bob Arum will wait, like all of us, to see what course the citizens choose, as we are 8 months away from voting for Commander in Chief.

More useful is concentrating on matters at hand, and forthcoming fare put out by Top Rank.

Check back here for Part 2 from the Bobfather chat….

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